Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lesson learnt

Another emergency visit to the doctor's today. It seems that I often get inflammation to the foot. I was proud of myself for not having to rely on my cane to walk for the past two weeks plus. Of course my hands were flailing about to find balance to walk on my own but I did become stronger with the coming days.

Then came the day to shift my things to another cubicle at work. Urghhhhh...hence the setback. Three of my colleagues did help out in shifting the heavy stuff e.g. the drawer and the PC while I focused in moving majority of my things such as documents, files, etc.

Now, I have to bear the pain. Lesson learnt: Don't get too cocky AND to hell with those who think you're just manja-ing yourself or miffed with the fact you can't manage in doing some of the usual everyday things. In the end, I am the one who has to take medical leave and go through the pain alone.