Thursday, 29 December 2016

Goodbye 2016's been awhile since I wrote anything on my blog.

Well, honestly, I wasn't feeling up to it lately. Yes, yes, I am supposed to keep on writing in despite whatever mood I was or am in to remain consistent. Sorry peeps. I am the bearer of more upsetting news today.

I have decided to go offline for awhile. In other words my blog won't be as active tentatively until mid/late August. I mean I will write in and check in my blog to remind me of the good times I've penned down in my blog. So why despite having my blog as a personal online happy jar of some sort have I decided to back out for now?

It is with some time off I hope I will be able to take a step back, reassess my current circumstances and re-prioritise my goals, aims and sort out through some personal stuff. I just have to and I hope my readers will allow me that opportunity. A lot has been going on and most of the time I feel overwhelmed and stuck.

So to end this post, I apologised for not updating as much since my last post. I also would like to thank all those who have been following my posts diligently. I will still be pretty much active on FB and Instagram for my readers who are still hoping to keep in touch.

So what to look out sometime mid-next year? Possibly a rebranding of my blog.

Sayonara! XOXO.

Happy new year and all the best in 2017!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Got ma herrr did

It was that time of the year where I need to go for my usual rebonding hair treatment. I could feel the top of my hair getting messy and what usually happens is that I would keep it to the point of having a whole head of messed up hair before sitting in for an appointment at the hairdresser's. However, with my anniversary being close and wanting to look super good for my brief getaway, scheduled one anyway albeit a tad premature. Just a ad bit though.

After googling for recommendations and reviews, I opted for Yoo Jean's Hair Salon in Hartamas. My personal overall take on the service, no regrets bebeh! Seriously happy with Yoo Jean's work and the team's service.

That's Yoo Jean himself with one of his assistants. My hair is super thick and the curls are mega-stubborn so I'm usually very picky with my hairdressers and always antsy on the chair, afraid I'd wasted hours and not yielding the proper results. Not in this case though. They were awesome.

The 'Before' picture. You can see my curls coming out. I had all my hair redone cos' it looks dry from the last hairdresser's (not going back there sorry).

What do I do while in the chair? Read of course. This book was a from a friend's recommendation. Definitely an entertaining read...hihi

Stewie's work well done. My cat is so clingy he bites almost everything I own to mark that I'm his. Ayoyooo...even books aren't safe.

Almost done...rebonding+digital perm at the bottom to give it of a natural look

Yay! Done! Ohh, to those who usually go for rebonding, you know where you shouldn't or can't wash your hair for 3 days or a week to let the chemical settle in? Well, not at Yoo Jean's! I could wash it the next day! You can imagine how elated I was not having to suffer the Malaysian heat for a few days or a week for not able to wash my hair during those times.

So happy with their work! Thanks Yoo Jean and team!

For those interested, here are the details of the hair salon.  Do give them a try. Highly recommended:

Add: 1st Floor, 2-1 Jalan 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2300 0175
Opening Hours: 10 a.m. -10 p.m.

You can even find them on Facebook.

P.s. Even after going to the beach a week after and up to a month today, ma' herrr still looks awesome!

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Sunday brunch with the Make-make Girls

As do most people, I have several whatsapp group chats representing different groups of loved ones whom I try to meet up as often. Schoolmates, Uni friends, Work colleagues, Family members, etc. It is definitely a good and easy way to keep in touch and gather certain groups of friends to meet up that jive with each other and all. Too large a group usually makes it difficult to get the most suitable time to meet up.

On this particular Sunday, it was a meet up with the Make-make girls. Make- make girls? Yes, as in make-make (Makan-makan in Kelate slang) girls.

S recommended Dua in TTDI.  It's situated in the same row as Ismail and right above Domino's. Food were not bad at all. They serve a selection of Malay dishes and desserts. The pricing is also good given their large portion. I give an A for the authenticity of their local dishes. They didn't lose that essence of our local dishes like most new hyped places.

I ordered the Soto. Terkezuts once I saw how big the bowl was. Yes, I tak habis. I tried though...oh how I tried.

S, J and I i.e. the Make-make girls. 

Once we were done for brunch, S suggested we move along to Foo Foo, TTDI for dessert. Perut dah nak meletup but if dok rasa-rasa and share-share ok lar.

Choc and orange combo is always good. Don't exactly remember the name of the dessert. Those white bits are candied nuts by the way.

With awesome desserts at Foo Foo, no girls would leave unhappy.

S happily snapping at my jakun reaction. That Hot Choc is to die for by the way.  So rich with a dash of spice.

Balsamic Vinegar Ice Cream on Strawberry Tart. Again, sorry, I didn't memorise the exact name of the dessert. It was awesomely lovely. 

You can also see how rich my hot choc was.

Side profile of the ice cream and strawberry tart. 

We were laughing and chatting most of our Sunday away sampai lupa dah kahwin kot. Got a call from Hubs asking when I was coming home cos' he was already hungry. Jahatnyer BINIE!!! Tak BERHATI PERUT!

Yer lar, gatal kan offer tapau Nasi Tomato from Dua for him. That was for BRUNCH. Balik pukul 3 petang pulak bini dia! Sorry yer Sayang! Lama tak jumpa the girlies.

#DuaTTDI #FooFooDessertsTTDI

Friday, 21 October 2016

Lunch at Greenhouse by Muir

It was close to a year till both my friend and I finally decided and get to meet.

Lama weeeihh...

And the location of choice?

Greenhouse by Muir.

I didn't know there was such a place nearby. Selalu gak pass by biler lalu Gleneagles. For those who are interested, it's located exactly next to Gleneagles, Ampang. 

The reason we chose this place was we both wanted to sample their red velvet waffle with fried chicken. Sounds interesting right? Well, too bad we went on a weekday. Only upon arrival, we were informed that it's only served during weekends for breakfast. 


But alang-alang dah sampai, and both of us belum pernah makan sini, we went ahead and had our lunch here as initially planned.

I love how the building stands out among the trees. Steel meets a bit of nature...just a tad bit. Not too many trees surrounding it.

So on the ground floor, they serve Japanese. 

Do you like oysters?

Look how pretty the fish is. Eyes are clear. It means it's fresh right?

The selection of Japanese food to choose from.

Fish heads and octopus.

There are those pre-packed for those on the go.

The selection at the Japanese Pastry shop are very tempting too.

Macha Croissant anyone?

Droooooool...(waist and hips screaming Nooooo while I drool)

Ooh, there's also a florist on the ground floor. Famous gak dengar kata.

On the 1st floor they serve Tex-Mex dishes. The place we opted to have our lunch.

Nampak bestkan? This is the red velvet waffle. Alas, tatap wajahmu ajer lah Red Velvet Waffle. Next time round.

To start off, we opted for the deep fried cheese cubes served with lemon dip. Ayoyooo...sedaps tapi bagi yang nak berdiet, buang idea tu jauh-jauh luar tingkap k?

Beef quesadillas. Not bad.

Nyumms...make way for the Buttermilk fried chicken with two sides. For the sides, we had grits and mac and cheese. Sinful yet satisfying.

We also managed to try their beignets for dessert. 

Hmm...unfortunately nothing special. However, I think the head waitress noticed we were first time visitors and was asking how our meals were. We gave an honest opinion, highlighting that the beignets fell short of our expectations. 

You know what she did?

She apologised and took it out from our bill. Informed us they will improve next time and thanked us for our honest views. That's tip top customer service babes!

Korang jangan ar nakal gi melantak semua and kata semua tak sedap to get a free meal. 

In our case, it was evident we didn't touch the beignets as much. Both of us had a bite of our beignets and letak balik. Too doughy. The sugar was fine and coated the dough fairly though.