Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Some self-reflection

Since last year and up till today, I have been contemplating with some major ideas on change(s) in my life. Oh my god, I can tell you I am scared shitless in making that leap but I guess it's normal. I don't know how things will turn out but I am definitely hoping for the best this year. I have been mulling over the issue (s) many times, asking myself from simple basic questions to those bordering to the philosophical. Most I don't even know the answer to. So much time wasted over the issue (s).

And lately, I have been getting a lot of signs from HIM...or it may just be all in my head and think everything that happens is a sign...Haha..

This morning, it got me recalling to a certain task we had to do during one of the courses I had attended. We were given a task to build the tallest tower using spaghetti, tape and one marshmallow. Many of the teams managed to do it but not at the optimum level we would have wanted within the limited time. At the end of the task, we were showed a video regarding an assessment done on the same task given to a set of kindergarten children and a set of professional adults with no background in engineering or architecture. Let's just say, it turned out that the children executed the task way better than the set of professional adults. Why? Well, it is because the adults literally THINK TOO MUCH and the children were just there doing it, keeping it simple and focusing on the task. I tried to find the video but couldn't get it. If you watch TED, you'd find one on the same task but proving a different point. Will update you guys once I manage to get a hold of it.

So, to summarize, I think the best way to get over it is to ask yourself what the child in you would have decided on...and to remember to keep it simple...

For now, I am gonna go downstairs and make the BEST MAGGI EVER!!! Enjoy your last day of the long CNY weekend peeps... :)

Monday, 23 January 2012

Proof of Boyfie's fave pastime...

What is his favourite thing to do of ALL things??? Apart from watching footie and poop??? TO BULLY ME!!!!

Somewhere within the vicinity of KLCC, ternampak lar minah cute...

Boyfie   :       Haizz...always macam tu. Kalau body hot, muka haram kejadah. Kalau muka hot, body pulak haram kejadah...haizzz...
Me        :     Ok, kalau ikut theory you, which category am I in?
Boyfie   :      Oh, you? You body pun haram kejadah...muka pun haram kejadah
Me        :

Sunday, 22 January 2012

In the Year 2012, I will...

Harloo peeps,

Sorry for not publicly posting my new year's resolutions sooner. Well, I guess I'm still on time if you count it as a CNY's resolution...heheh (cheeky, I know).

Before I begin, let me just start by telling you how I managed my first week back at work. Generally, OK. Everyday, I would have to ice-pack my foot. I feel even more tired at the end of the day. The traffic jams gave me pains everyday. Yesterday, I got bullied by my physiotherapist. Gawd, I came in with my crutches but had to be wheeled out of the rehab centre to my car. No pain, no gain right? Hope I will walk normally again soon.

So, back to my new year's resolutions. For those of you who know me, you'll notice I have not included any travelling destinations this year. I figure with my injury, I better focus on things closer to home. Further more, with whatever BUMPS I endured last year, I'd rather focus on me this year. Major overhaul needed...

In the Year 2012. the year of the Water Dragon, I will...
  1. Learn to walk again. Doc has given me hope for a fast recovery and I hope to get back on my own two feet soon minus the crutches. I miss my circuit training and doing things by myself.
  2. Execute my departmental transfer a.s.a.p. This has been in the pipeline since last April. Delays and more delays...not on my part. Hope it goes through by end month. 
  3. Make Jojo fatter
  4. Wear more colour...beyond just black clothes. My first week back at work has proven to be colourful. All I have to do now is maintain my colourfulness...
  5. Take better care of my appearances. This includes wearing make-up to work and dates as well as establishing a better skin care application regime in my daily routine.
  6. Lose 7 kg. Respect your body, respect yourself.
  7. Be kinder to myself. Truly, I am not sure how to do this. I guess my first step is to accept the person I am?
  8. Surround myself with those who care about me and distance from those whom are destructive. I realise that I have many issues which will never be resolved. I've done what I can but to no avail. It is high time I focus on me now...to be happy, to not let others ruin me and to find peace. I will not be destroyed by people who do not want to be saved or by those who savour my failure(s) and suffering.
  9. Master the art of folding shirts the Japanese way. Something I've always wanted to do...:) 
  10. Plant a flower/herb/tree. I have to find something that cats aren't allergic to...research has begun...
  11. Attend an art class. I have contacted the art centre's principal last week. She will get back to me after CNY.
  12. Get MARRIED!!! 

Monday, 16 January 2012

It's GOOD to be BACK, babeeeeyyyy

Today was my first day back in the office. The journey to and fro the office was horrendous given that I had to manage the brakes many times to get through the rush hour. Ice packing my foot as I am typing my entry for today. My foot is aching like a B***H!!!

First item on the agenda upon my arrival was to clear the issue of my parking arrangements to suit my current medical condition...DONE! I can tell you, my organisation is SOOOOO not disabled friendly. Then called the relevant persons directly to facilitate my departmental transfer A.S.A.P...W.I.P. Will continuously follow-up on the matter until I get the results I am satisfied with.

Coming back to the office after my long MC and observing how cluttered my desk was made me think of feng-shui proofing my workspace. So I started off by deleting all my old e-mails including those archived as I don't see the use in referring to them anymore. I've transferred all my work to my office colleague since July last year and completed all remaining assigned tasks in the second half of the year. No point in keeping those e-mails which have been properly filed in hard copy and will be of no use to me soon. Next, the workspace itself. My GAWWDDD, I had so much old docs, research papers and piled up files around me. No wonder not much positive energy could flow in last year!!! Well, that's taken care of. Since I won't need them anymore and they are just copies for my own personal reference, I was confident it was OK to proceed in shredding them. Decluttering my desk was very therapeutic indeed! Tomorrow I will definitely continue in feng-shui-ing my workspace.

"I don't care! I nak DRAGON golek-golek atas meja I this year!"

For those who wish to welcome and encourage positive energy in their workspace, here are some tips I manage to Google a short while ago:

  • It is not advised to have your back to the entrance of the office.Feng Shui demands that you know what's going on behind your back.If you are constrained due to office placements, what I found out is that you can place mirrors or metal objects in front of you to reflect the goings on behind you.
  • Have air-purifying plants/ photos of happy moments/ bright and inspiring art. These will carry in positive chi...Ohhh, and avoid having a cactus as it attracts negative energy into the workspace.
  • Have a clear organisation system. GET RID OF CLUTTER. CLUTTER = CHAOS+ STRESS+ ANXIETY. This includes removing unnecessary items; dirt and dusts; and piled-up files.
  • Confused about career options? Put a World Map on your wall.
  • Choose proper colours to promote career and wealth. These includes red, yellow, purple, chestnut and blue.

Happy Chinese New Year to my peeps!!! And those who don't celebrate it, Happy Long Weekend! Wohooooo....

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Check-up before the Green Light

From my last PRP session, Doc indicated he will let me go to work on the 16th. So, today, before starting my first day back at work next week, Doc wanted to do one more round of check up before officially letting me out of the coral so to speak.

" You have plantar fasciitis"
" Say what now??? Planta inflatia?"
" It's basically an inflammation to the bottom of the foot. You need an injection"
" What happens if I don't get the injection? Doc, I swear my whole right leg has developed spider senses whenever you come near my kaki. My bulu roma semua naik with the near mention of injections...Trauma tau...TRAUMAAA"
" Hahah...trust me Jannah" (pat pat on my head)..." You'll feel better after this. It won't be so painful. Plus, I'll give you some local anesthetics. Saras...hold her hand"
"Saras, you jangan senyum-senyum. I takut nih"
Saras, the nurse, trying very hard not to laugh...

So, I got the injection. One shot to the sole of my foot. Not as bad as the PRP. Still slightly painful none the less.

Before going off for my physio, Doc strictly reminded me to make sure I wear my ankle support, crutches and bring the letter for the Bank admin on my current necessities to be arranged for my comeback next week.

*Pictures of my foot post the injection and me going through my strengthening exercises will be uploaded as soon as I find my phone cable*

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

PRP Treatment_Round 5- FINAL

Alhamdulillah, today was the last round of PRP. No more screaming and crying from the horrid jabs. The next step is to do some strength training in my physio sessions beginning this Thursday.


"Weeeeelll, your hand was near my mouth..." (Sorry Boyfie) *Sure he was exaggerating. Besides, just see it as gigitan manja dari kasih sayang you okies?*

Picture courtesy of Google Search
Doc says I will be able to go to work in two weeks. Can't wait. Doc was also kind enough to write me a letter to my HR/Security on parking arrangements. It's not a problem for me to park at the designated staff parking but to get on the van that takes us to HQ would be impossible. If my company can assist with nearby parking it would help as I will be on crutches for the next four months.

Boyfie voiced his observation that my right foot has shrunk. It's common because of lack of movement and usage, the muscles kecut hence the need for physio for strength training.

My foot swells more everytime after my PRP rounds...adding to the pain
The next appointment to see the Doc is Thursday. He wants to see my progress before I go off for work.

Scared Kitty...

Tomorrow will be my fifth and Insyaallah final PRP Round. If mampu, Insyaallah nak puasa Rabu onwards as tanda syukur I have finished my PRP rounds and as doa cepat sembuh.

I hate these feelings the night before the treatment...HAIZZZZZZ...

Picture courtesy of Google Search

Indulging ourselves

I waited a year until I finally had enough to buy my facial products. It was worth the wait. While applying the products tonight, I realise that although such rituals are a chore, it does present you some time in REALLY and TRULY taking care of yourself. Not to mention it does make you feel very womanly.

Those of you who are close to me know that I am very lazy to wear make up. Such occasions include while going out for dates with Boyfie, meeting future-in-laws to be, meeting friends, meeting my mum and family whenever they make the trip to KL or even to work for that matter. I only wear them on special occasions such as weddings and corporate events. Yes, I am LAZY in that department. Yes, I do realise it is important for your professional image blah blah blah...I will emphasis on this issue for my 2012 resolution...

So, that's in the make up department...nih lagi-lagi applying all these creams day and night. Well, OK, since the creams and serums are super lovely and makes me feel so good, one of my 2012 resolution is to be more rajin in taking care of my appearances be it via skincare or make-up wise. Yay!!! (Stay tuned for my future posting regarding my list of 2012 resolutions)

My morning ritual...as of 020112

Monday, 2 January 2012

Some BEFORE and AFTER pictures

Embok came over yesterday to assist with the spring cleaning. She always does an amazing job. She's been with the Ghazali clan for ages. I still remember her standing near the sink and scaring my little sister with a piece of kaki ayam to ward her off from the kitchen. Even after my loving grandmother passed on, she still comes over to clean the aunties' houses. That's why whenever she says things like "Yelar. Awak tu gemuk. Dah jatuh lagi lar parah kaki nyaaaa" or other statements on how fat I am nowadays, I brush it off. And of course while all these cleaning are being done, I couldn't stay still. Although I shouldn't be moving at all, I tried my best in doing some cleaning and organising. Result? That night I had to sleep with two ice packs on my right foot.


The room looked like a tornado went through it...

Lola and Mango happily helping out 

Embok mopped the floor so clean that it was shining

Sheets being hung to dry

My newly bought bed sheet from Jusco

Check out the original price

Check out the AFTER LESS price...AWESOME kan??? Only in JJ bebeh

Lola tukang rasmi

Post-rasmi by moi'

Things are a little bit less messy...the only thing left for me to do is to sort things in its proper place

Still W.I.P.


Today started off great. L* invited me out for a late lunch and I needed to return her earrings and bracelets anyway. Chatted, catch up and what not. Worth the drive to Prima Duta despite my condition.

It was when I returned home I got pissed. I swore when I started off this blog I will not use this medium to rant. But I just can't tahan anymore. It's about this jerk neighbor I have never met before...until today. Basically his car blocked half of my gate. So, how the hell am I supposed to drive in? I honked hormat three times. NO RESPONSE! Then one LOOOONGGGG one, and still no response. Coincidentally one guard passed by and I asked whether he knows the owner of the car. He doesn't know. ONE OTHER LOOONGGG ANGRY honk. Finally, the asshole -whose -balls -are -super -small -where -you -have -to- use -a- microscope -if -you -wanna see -it comes out. And he has the audacity to marah me!!! WHAT THE EFFFFF!!! IT IS I WHO SHOULD BE SCOLDING AND SHOUTING AT YOU!!!! YOU EFFING A$$H***!!!

"You cannot call me is it?"
"I honked so many times already."
"You're so rude you know that"
"You're the one who's rude, blocking people's houses"
"You can masuk what...can fit" (This I assume cos I drive a kelisa celah longkang also can fit laaarr)
"WHERE can fit???!!!"
"Nak call haperrr...I'm wearing crutches!!!!" (crutches depan mata dia at passenger seat I)

He drives off!!!! Hello...macha...you silap, just say sorry and EFF off!!! You block rumah orang, so it is YOUR EFFIN obligation to pay attention and move it when necessary...lagi-lagi when you block rumah orang!!! I don't even know you and you expect me to go to the houses nearby asking for the owner of the car??? You're so famous is it with your gold car for me to know you are the owner???

100% A$$H***

Next time I am going to write "love notes" on your car windows with liquid paper and you can have fun getting them off!!! You have hands and money what...can do it

(Time tengah marah tadi lar I couldn't find the damn camera in my handbag. Should have taken a picture of the car blocking my house and the face of the A$$H***)