Tuesday, 3 January 2012

PRP Treatment_Round 5- FINAL

Alhamdulillah, today was the last round of PRP. No more screaming and crying from the horrid jabs. The next step is to do some strength training in my physio sessions beginning this Thursday.


"Weeeeelll, your hand was near my mouth..." (Sorry Boyfie) *Sure he was exaggerating. Besides, just see it as gigitan manja dari kasih sayang you okies?*

Picture courtesy of Google Search
Doc says I will be able to go to work in two weeks. Can't wait. Doc was also kind enough to write me a letter to my HR/Security on parking arrangements. It's not a problem for me to park at the designated staff parking but to get on the van that takes us to HQ would be impossible. If my company can assist with nearby parking it would help as I will be on crutches for the next four months.

Boyfie voiced his observation that my right foot has shrunk. It's common because of lack of movement and usage, the muscles kecut hence the need for physio for strength training.

My foot swells more everytime after my PRP rounds...adding to the pain
The next appointment to see the Doc is Thursday. He wants to see my progress before I go off for work.

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  1. Alhamdulillah dah finish all the injections.
    I doa you cepat2 sembuh.
    Sedih jugak you had to go through all these pain.
    Mudah2an you'll be walking macam biasa after the full recovery.
    Please send my salam and thanks to boyfie..