Monday, 2 January 2012


Today started off great. L* invited me out for a late lunch and I needed to return her earrings and bracelets anyway. Chatted, catch up and what not. Worth the drive to Prima Duta despite my condition.

It was when I returned home I got pissed. I swore when I started off this blog I will not use this medium to rant. But I just can't tahan anymore. It's about this jerk neighbor I have never met before...until today. Basically his car blocked half of my gate. So, how the hell am I supposed to drive in? I honked hormat three times. NO RESPONSE! Then one LOOOONGGGG one, and still no response. Coincidentally one guard passed by and I asked whether he knows the owner of the car. He doesn't know. ONE OTHER LOOONGGG ANGRY honk. Finally, the asshole -whose -balls -are -super -small -where -you -have -to- use -a- microscope -if -you -wanna see -it comes out. And he has the audacity to marah me!!! WHAT THE EFFFFF!!! IT IS I WHO SHOULD BE SCOLDING AND SHOUTING AT YOU!!!! YOU EFFING A$$H***!!!

"You cannot call me is it?"
"I honked so many times already."
"You're so rude you know that"
"You're the one who's rude, blocking people's houses"
"You can masuk what...can fit" (This I assume cos I drive a kelisa celah longkang also can fit laaarr)
"WHERE can fit???!!!"
"Nak call haperrr...I'm wearing crutches!!!!" (crutches depan mata dia at passenger seat I)

He drives off!!!! silap, just say sorry and EFF off!!! You block rumah orang, so it is YOUR EFFIN obligation to pay attention and move it when necessary...lagi-lagi when you block rumah orang!!! I don't even know you and you expect me to go to the houses nearby asking for the owner of the car??? You're so famous is it with your gold car for me to know you are the owner???

100% A$$H***

Next time I am going to write "love notes" on your car windows with liquid paper and you can have fun getting them off!!! You have hands and money what...can do it

(Time tengah marah tadi lar I couldn't find the damn camera in my handbag. Should have taken a picture of the car blocking my house and the face of the A$$H***)


  1. What a rude skunk! Luckily I wasn't there..I would have given him a real earful!
    Never about it!

    This kind of rude neighbour will want a revenge I tell you..he is not going to be friendly and nice!
    He will start finding fault with you!
    Apa number kereta dia?Eeee..geram I dengar!

  2. Seth pun nampak kereta block tu. It was a honda city. I was too bz not paying attention to the type of car.Thot it was a toyota..seth pun agree I wont be able to masuk...

    Now i nak tengok if it's still out there...I am so going to take pic of the car!

  3. You must!! Ambik gambar as soon as you get the chance..especially plate number dia.
    Ni semua for your own protection jugak.

  4. Kereta tu dah takder. I guess it was the neighbor's relative. He totally ruined my day!

  5. p.s. I memula ingatkan toyota vios cos most vios have that gold colour...nasib baik seth sendiri went out before I was home and confirmed it was a honda city. I ingat later I nak mintak guard tolong refer his guest records. I think they jot down the plate numbers.

  6. Where is the Luv~ where is the Luv~ where is the Luv~~~

  7. LOL!!! MATT!!! The luv is shoved sumwhere dark...