Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Wedding Weekend

It had been a long and enjoyable weekend, with all my nights dedicated to an old friend from Manchester who was getting married to the love of her life.

I just love weddings.

The pelamin, the dresses, the colour themes, the hantarans, the masked nervousness of the bride, the sigh of relief once pronounced as man and wife, plans for honeymoon destinations...the whole package. 

Wishing the newlyweds all my love and may they be happy always!

Photobooth sesh! 

Other than the one, we only just met during Malam Berinai and somehow got along very well.  Semua gediks time bergambar! Haha!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Vintage - (1975) Aged to Perfection

Today is a very special day for both Husbie and I. Especially my dear Husbie.

He turns 40 today. Yes, the big Four-OHHH!

Last night, past 12am, after wishing him the happiest happy birthday ever, he turned to me and asked...

"Am I OLD?"

"Hell yeah, you're damn old! Standing next to you makes me feel old!" 

This was the point he got kinda upset. Don't worry, just one of those gedik merajuk sesh. OBVIOUSLY I had to spend some time consoling him after. Hahahah...

There seems to be a big stigma turning 40. But I say, hey, EMBRACE IT!

So, dear Husbie, here's a continuation of my efforts in consoling your tender 40-year-old feelings. I've gathered some interesting facts and other awesome info on how fabulous being 40 actually is. 

Youth has no age.

You're actually 18 years old with 22 years of experience.

If you have any football ambitions, don't fret. Supposedly, Celtic boss Gordon Strachan played Premiership football until he was 40, while England star Teddy Sheringham still played football at 41. Sir Stanley Matthews played until he was 50. (This was a toughie. I don't know Jack-S*** about footie!)

You're 4 perfect 10's!

1975 was the year the laser printer was invented.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was awarded Best Film at the Oscars in the year you were born.

In the week you were born, the number one song in the UK was I Can't Give You Anything (But My Love) by The Stylistics.

At 40, you're built for comfort not speed.

All the actors and actresses you used to think were hot now play grandparents.

You're convinced grey hair is cool.

I understand at 40, your eyebrows, nose hair and uh-hmmm, maybe hair in other areas too, will start to grow in weird directions. (I actually think this is more suited for BY the time you're forty but I will include it in this list anyways).

You're older and wiser now. Way qualified to give advice to us young'uns who just won't listen.

At the age of 40, the earth would have orbited the sun XXX times. (I tried to find this fact online but to no avail. Let's just say A LOT of times!!!)

Kidding, kidding!!!

Anyway, Happy Birthday sayaaaang! May Allah panjangkan umur you and both of us bahagia sentiasa di dunia and akhirat. May we be blessed with more rezeki soon. May you age gracefully and be even more wiser in the many many many years to come.  May your mind and wit continue to be sharp. 

Ohhh, and don't worry...

I'll be standing by the cake with the fire extinguisher tonight...unless your parents decide to just buy four tall candles or those cute numbered ones for the cake. 

Mwaaks! Luv' ya sooo much!

Friday, 7 August 2015


What's up with my title?

Well, it's a way of conveying a diarrhoeaic episode. Huh? A case of the cherry-berries lar.

Whenever myself or Husbie sakit perut, we always tell it like one of those toy commercial ads.

"XXX comes with a special feature: BUTT EXPLOSIOOOOONNN!" (Up to you to include the special sound effects).

Well, it's Friday and I couldn't wait for the weekend. Lo and behold, one of the cats pooped at the corner. Not the normal poop, oh that I can handle. It's the liquid form. To the point some hit the walls and there were drips on the dining carpet.

I highly suspect it was Nemo's doing. Nemo is from the 'cucu' set. He was vomiting a lot the night before but I thought it was just him trying to cough out some major furballs.Urghhhh, I was soooo wrong.

Nemo Memo Supremo (picture of him cozying up next to me during my last fever)
Husbie was already in the shower so the responsibility to clean up fell on yours truly. Safe to say my Friday morning didn't go so well.

We will continue to observe Nemo and see if he continues to do so. As of this morning, he was already purring and excited to get into our room. It was either it wasn't him or everything has already been flushed out at the corner there.

The reason for the observation? Well, since we have 11 cats, there's no concrete evidence that Nemo was the culprit who did his 'liquid business' in the corner. Yes, he was vomiting but maybe it is as I suspected i.e. it's his way of coughing up a massive furball. If it is him and the vomiting and dirty episodes continue, we will definitely be going to the vet first thing tomorrow morning.

#kittyissues #frustatingfriday

Thursday, 6 August 2015

It's All About The Beach

Third day of Raya finally arrived.

Both Husbie and I woke up early and took a lovely, long and qualitative stroll along the beach. Oh, not forgetting plenty of photos and selfies too!

Masih Raya so posing kat pantai mesti control ayu.

Husbie's impersonation of a starfish 

Sitting on a bench, contemplating what can we get for breakfast without breaking the bank. I was starving and all Husbie was none too eager to feed me. Hmpphh!

Husbie posing next to the Resort. I still prefer the one in Langkawi! Jom sayang, we go langkawi pulak! 

Missing the beach already.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Second Day Raya

The second day of Raya was a breeze. All of us took the time to just chill at the resort and only continued to visit relatives after Asar. 

Due to the more 'relaxed nature' of the day, the family finally took the time to pose for a decent picture.

After Isyak, we made our way to Padang Kota for supper. Alang-alang di Penang, jalan-jalan ar. Perghhh, so ramai ar. Raya memang orang sekarang banyak berjalan. We were there cos' MIL wanted to bring her cucu to the Transformers exhibition. It turned out to be a big FAIL as cucu didn't like the noise and wasn't enjoying the crowd one bit. Not to mention it was already past his bedtime.

Plus point, I got a taste of one of the best pesembors in town. The next time I visit Penang, I will definitely voluntarily charge through the crowd in Padang Kota for a plate of their delicious pesembor and sotong kangkung!