Friday, 7 August 2015


What's up with my title?

Well, it's a way of conveying a diarrhoeaic episode. Huh? A case of the cherry-berries lar.

Whenever myself or Husbie sakit perut, we always tell it like one of those toy commercial ads.

"XXX comes with a special feature: BUTT EXPLOSIOOOOONNN!" (Up to you to include the special sound effects).

Well, it's Friday and I couldn't wait for the weekend. Lo and behold, one of the cats pooped at the corner. Not the normal poop, oh that I can handle. It's the liquid form. To the point some hit the walls and there were drips on the dining carpet.

I highly suspect it was Nemo's doing. Nemo is from the 'cucu' set. He was vomiting a lot the night before but I thought it was just him trying to cough out some major furballs.Urghhhh, I was soooo wrong.

Nemo Memo Supremo (picture of him cozying up next to me during my last fever)
Husbie was already in the shower so the responsibility to clean up fell on yours truly. Safe to say my Friday morning didn't go so well.

We will continue to observe Nemo and see if he continues to do so. As of this morning, he was already purring and excited to get into our room. It was either it wasn't him or everything has already been flushed out at the corner there.

The reason for the observation? Well, since we have 11 cats, there's no concrete evidence that Nemo was the culprit who did his 'liquid business' in the corner. Yes, he was vomiting but maybe it is as I suspected i.e. it's his way of coughing up a massive furball. If it is him and the vomiting and dirty episodes continue, we will definitely be going to the vet first thing tomorrow morning.

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