Monday, 30 September 2013

Wear a piece of history

Whilst having lunch with friends last Friday, couldn't help but admire the jewellery pieces R's mum was wearing. Serious cantiks whoaaaa!!!

It's from Mayuri Bejewelled's MyKraak collection. Jewellery pieces fashioned from shards of pottery from the Ming dynasty recovered right from the bottom of the South China Sea near Pulau Tenggol! Can you imagine that?! So pretty walauweh...would look good on any fashionista of all ages. A piece of Ming Bling!

For more info and to view other jewellery collections available, please do browse Mayuri Bejewelled's facebook page. For those interested, you may also email my friend Karthi at She recently participated in the lifestyle trade fair, InStyle Langkawi 2013, which also featured various local craftsmen and homegrown talents and their work. So proud of her. HRH Tunku Putri Intan Shafinaz was even there to officiate the event. Tun Mahathir didn't miss out in visiting the event too.

Karthi is a friend from school and soon, no doubt, will be one of our country's prominent jewellery designers. Keep up the good work girl!!! All the best!

Her booth featuring her "MyKraak" collection at the Instyle Langkawi 2013
The designer herself
A close up of her booth. Don't forget her other collections too. Lovin' it!
Dive! Dive! Dive!
A sample of her other collection. Browse her fb page for more!
Our 'on-the-spot' model

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Missing it

I miss having sunday roasts. Anyone out there with an awesome sunday roast recipe?

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A tip for all men

To all my male readers,
The picture says it all. To all husband-to-be's, just remember the saying " happy wife, happy life".
Hahah...I guess you guys have it tough too...

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The cliche' bride

I have been persistent in persuading Mr. Fiance' about decorating his car with ribbons and teddy bears for a cute entrance at my reception. So far, I've not received a convincing yes. More of "yes, I'll agree to whatever you ask but I'll get away with it on the day" kinda yes...haha.

Some may find it tacky but I've always find them cute. So gerams! Of course if it's too expensive and rather wasteful, I'd rather give it a miss. Money is better spent on other more important items to make the wedding a success. In the meantime, I can enjoy looking at the car decos on line...

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How a man's mind works

Hi peeps. Sorry for being sooo quiet lately. I've been swamped with wedding preparations...that's what you get when you have to handle every single thing from the doorgifts right down to the itinerary for the ceremonies.

Alhamdulillah, yesterday confirmed my reception dress. A mix and match of things and I got the perfect one. Can't wait.

During discussions, the designer asked what I plan to wear on my hair since I'm not planning to wear a veil for the reception. I explained a diamente' headpiece just like Scarlett Johansson's and Mr.Fiance interrupts..."You mean a skullcap?"...

Shock registered on both mine and the designer's faces...a freaking skullcap? Arrghhh..malusssss...

This is what I want


And this is what he had in mind

p.s. apologies for the quality of my screenshots. blogged from my smartphone...:)