Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A wonderful prize by Melinda Looi

With eid around the corner, I spent most of my day today cleaning the house and waiting for the repairman to complete his work. By 3 something, I finally had time to chill in front of the tv and even almost dozed off if not for the persistent bell ringing by the mamat pos laju.



"Ok. No 102, mintak sign dan ic yer?"


Took the package and was totally surprised.  All this while I've been wondering who won the VW car i.e. the grand prize for the Melinda Looi contest. Though clearly I didn't win, I am happy nonetheless to be among the 100 other winners.

Tu lar...been slacking on fb'ing and instagramming recently. I wouldn't have even known about it if not for the mamat poslaju.

So, thank you mamat pos laju. I totally forgave you for interrupting my potential afternoon snooze. Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin...kosong-kosong yer?

To Ms. Melinda Looi, I have been a fan of your commercial line since last year and am thrilled with the prints and designs of the collection this year.

Maybe if there's another contest next year, lady luck will finally smile upon me and I'll get to take home the Grand Prize.

So, here, I'd like to THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for the prize! I'm ecstatic to have another Melinda Looi merchandise to add into my wardrobe.

Yay me!!!

Most right, 5th line from the bottom... 
Can't wait to wear my Melinda Looi this raya!

My prize!!!

Friday, 18 July 2014

My deepest and heartfelt condolences to all loved ones of MH0017 passengers

When we heard the news last night, just 40 minutes after the crash, that feeling of surreal took some time to sunk in. I hugged my husband, just thankful, both of us are fasting and safe at home and not away from each other.

Just less than six months, another tragic incident for MAS and Malaysians as well as our international friends. In my case, I immediately contacted my WTI colleague to find out where he was and coincidently he just arrived in KL from Paris (he travels a lot from Geneva you see and at times, via Schipol is the best route to KL).

I love to travel and have travelled many times for work, but I'd be lying to say that such incidents to occur within a short duration would not mar travel plans.

Now, not only it is important to inform loved ones of travel plans but to also ensure the flight route. However, as highlighted in the news, it is the norm for airlines' high-way to cross-over war torn countries. I remember when I was studying in the UK, we'd be flying across Afghanistan and thought nothing of it. I guess now we have to have that set in the back of our minds.

I totally can't imagine what the families are going through. The amount of shock and grief would be devastating. I, as a fellow Malaysian and a stranger to those on board, even dreamt of it and cried in my sleep.

I extend my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to our international families out there. My love goes out to all of you and may God ease your journey and pain throughout this ordeal.


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Best Western, Bangsar

The Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) gang organised a buka puasa gathering last night in Best Western, Bangsar.

I don't usually go for buffets for Ramadhan as I prefer staying home to break fast with my husband or family with home cooked dishes and then can easily rush off for prayers and tarawikh. The most I'll buy from the BARAM. However, Best Western did not dissappoint. Memang sodaaps. Sumore got live band you knoww???

The gathering yesterday was for a special occasion. After just almost 4 months, I decided to leave MyCC. So the gang decided to do a proper send off and celebrate my birthday in advanced.

I must say though my time in MyCC was brief, I was lucky enough to have met and gained the friendships of some of the most worthy and awesomest bunch of people!!!  Terharu u alls!

Thanks a bunch! I'm going to miss you guys!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Ramadhan series: What's your craving(s)?

One of the best features of celebrating Ramadhan in Malaysia is the food galore we experience in the many Bazaar Ramadhan (Baram) or Pasar Ramadhan (PaRam). There we will find all sorts of dishes and desserts not commonly found in the usual Pasar Malam (night markets), unless you truly know where to look.

However, costs of those food sold in the barams or params have definitely increased exponentially throughout the years. During the first weekend of the fasting month, my husband and I felt like having ikan bakar. Guess how much it costs? RM18 per piece...ikan pari tau! Belum terubok lagi! They don't even sell the small ranges anymore where it would generally costs RM7-RM8 per piece. Semua besar-besar (bigger but not huge). 

From then on, we decided that it was best to cook at home ( Managed to do so a few times during the week and weekends but fall short at times as we often arrive home late after going through the horrendous traffic on the way home).


Cravings? Have you been craving any favourite old dishes or desserts so far during this holy month? Your mum's ayam kuzi? Weird combos like laksa asam +coco crunch? The favourite murtabak at that usual store your family used to buy from? Do share...

In my case, it has been sira pisang. It turns out there are other sort of siras out there too specifically sira labu and sira ubi.

What is it?

I don't know quite know how to aptly describe it. 

Bananas cooked/ swimming in some sort of delicious syrup. Dunno...??? 

Those who'd want to try cooking their own sira pisang or experiment in kelantanese cooking, do visit this website I recently stumbled into...even the way she explains how to cook ayam percik seems simple...(but...oooohh...i don't dare try it yet).

Happy cooking and feasting...

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Sokong siapa?

Most of us this morning were all hyped over Brazil's loss with Germany. I, though for one not really into football, am keen to see who will be the winner of the 2014's World Cup.

A scene at the office this morning:

T****  : Husband you sokong siapa? (Who does your husband support?)

Moi'     : Dia suka both teams. Tapi sedey ar Brazil kalah. (He supports both teams. Nonetheless, saddened that Brazil lost)

T**** : You sokong siapa? (Who do you support?)

Moi'    : I tak sokong mana-mana team. I sokong tido... (Neither. I prefer sleeping)

Heheh... have fun watching the remainder of the World Cup guys. Lepas nih pulak English Premier.

Selamat Berpuasa too! May your Ramadhan be as meaningful and fulfilling as mine!