Thursday, 17 July 2014

Best Western, Bangsar

The Malaysia Competition Commission (MyCC) gang organised a buka puasa gathering last night in Best Western, Bangsar.

I don't usually go for buffets for Ramadhan as I prefer staying home to break fast with my husband or family with home cooked dishes and then can easily rush off for prayers and tarawikh. The most I'll buy from the BARAM. However, Best Western did not dissappoint. Memang sodaaps. Sumore got live band you knoww???

The gathering yesterday was for a special occasion. After just almost 4 months, I decided to leave MyCC. So the gang decided to do a proper send off and celebrate my birthday in advanced.

I must say though my time in MyCC was brief, I was lucky enough to have met and gained the friendships of some of the most worthy and awesomest bunch of people!!!  Terharu u alls!

Thanks a bunch! I'm going to miss you guys!

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