Saturday, 29 November 2014

Hiro's encounter with the cleaning crew

The other day Hiro was making his usual rounds, exploring the neighbourhood and showing off his good looks.

I was serving drinks to the gardener when one of the ladies from the cleaning crew outside whom was busy pulling off weed from the nearby drain started making meow noises.

" Meow Meow"

"Kenapa kak? Kucing ker?"

"Yer. Ngandung tu"

(Meoooow...sounded like Hiro)

" Huh. Tapi bunyi macam kucing saya. Kucing saya jantan kak."

(Checked the drain. Truly it was Hiro)

"Kak, itu kucing saya. Kucing saya jantan. Mana boleh ngandung. Gemuk ajer."

" Hah...yer ker?Ooooooohhh...aduuuuuuhhh" (Started calling her friend and pointing at Hiro)

Hiro was so frustrated he rushed into the house.


I don't care. It just means that I'm feeding my cats well.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The next eccentric place to stay- Wanderlust, Little India, Singapore

We were watching Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences on Astro last night, lo and behold, in their list of eccentric places to stay was one particular hotel where Aimi and I were curious about whilst we were in Singapore a few years ago.

Whatsapped Aimi about it and she confirmed it was the one opposite our Hotel 81. No wonder it looked so familiar.

Which hotel am I talking about? Wanderlust of course! Definitely the place to stay the next time we're in Singapore. A one-of-a-kind hotel for grownups. Some say you'd have to reserve at least two months in advance to get the room with your preferable concept. Even the locals would reserve rooms in Wanderlust for a short weekend getaway to experience their quirky and funky rooms.

The floors' themes are Industrial Glam; Eccentricity; Is It Just Black and White and Creature Comforts. So the designs and concept of the rooms on each floor would take their cue from the theme of their floors.

I foresee awesome selfies, wefies and  picture-taking sessions throughout our stay there and melantak session at their french cafe.

Jom gi Singapore!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Milk it for all it's worth

So during the weekend, Husbie and I were busy being tour guides to his Penang cousins whom were in KL for the school holidays. After spending most of our day in KLCC, we went to William's for a late lunch. In our case, it's a super late brunch. Super hungry by then weeeiii...pukul 4 tak makan lagi!

Forgotten how big the portions were at William's.

Husbie ordered the Nasi Goreng Ketam and I ordered the Nasi Goreng Tom Yam with Ayam Pandan.

Our ala-carte dishes arrived with many at the table in awe.

Husbie : "Hah, banyak nih...nak makan separuh, belah nasi siap-siap macam Pak Long nih" (instructing one of his nephews coupled with invisible cutting action)

Moi' : "But Im already half way through my half..."

Husbie : Macammana tak square? ( Saying this to his loving wife whilst puffing out his cheeks to demonstrate how babab I've become)

Moi' :  -_-"   ( Frusssstttt...)

A few minutes later...

Moi': I'm full. I'm tapau-ing this for dinner. Aiksss...aper jadi ngan your half?

Husbie: Takper...makan slow-slow...boleh habis...

Moi' : (Sedaps ajer panggil orang square) I still ended up tapau-ing my half! So take that!

Lesson for wives out there, do harp on this incident and milk it for all it's worth. Hmmm...I think it's time to trade in my old handphone for a new one...hehehe

Monday, 17 November 2014


I've been surveying countries, places and locales to explore in 2015 and Insya Allah,  Japan will be included in our travel plans for 2015.

Apart from checking out travel blogs and reading travel books for tips and recommendations, I've also recorded a bunch of travel programmes on Astro both from the local and international perspectives. Unfortunately, my local travel programme was accidentally deleted by Husbie.

"I thought you taknak tengok dah..."

Huarghhhhh...takper Husbie. I have other sources thankfully.

One of my fave things to do when I'm in a different country is to shop for local brands. We're not just talking about local handicrafts here but true Japanese made clothing and brands. Most have that Americana feel to them but they are definitely Japanese. So don't let that throw you off from shopping to your heart's content.

To appeal to the inner-shopper in Husbie, there are a few Japanese jeans' brands for men I would like to take a closer look at. Among them are Samurai Jeans; John Bull, Blue Blue Japan; Studio D' Artisan and Evisu.

In my case, those close to me know I'm a fanatic for awesome shoes so I would definitely want to drag Husbie to the closest Aso Matsumoto outlet once we're in Japan.

Oh Japan , Japan...I can't wait to see you!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My Top Three 'Baju Murah' picks

Want to buy that nice top but you've burst your monthly budget already? Trying to curb your spending in time for Christmas shopping? Having difficulty saving that portion of income for a special gift for that special someone? I have nothing to wear? I want, no I neeeeeed, to shoppp!!!

Well, stress no more. Now splurging on clothes won't mean you have to break the bank. You can even shop in advance as a christmas pressie for your girl or your friends.

What you can do is head online to Zalora for great offers. My choice would be to purchase any of these three basic staples that everyone should have in their closet.There are three main types of baju murah collection which are not only stylish but very affordable to purchase. 

The first piece is the simple basic t-shirt. Women can get t-shirts in many different colours and styles, from a short sleeved to a long sleeved one, according to their preference. The basic tees are definitely a must have for any women to own in their closet. It can be worn on a casual day out, doing errands or even at home during the weekends. Mix and match it with a nice pair of jeans, track pants, shorts, skirts or skorts to complete that stylish yet effortless appearance.

The next affordable piece of clothing to have is the trendy yoga pants or more known as leggings. Leggings are more fitted and made from spandex. The leggings are the perfect substitute for women who are just bored of wearing jeans on a day out around town. From hitting the town to the gym, switch that blouse to a basic tee with a nice pair of leggings for that productive workout session. Affordable and multi-purpose, a definite YES in my book.

Last but not least, the final must have, cardigans. Cardigans can definitely serve your wardrobe well because it can perk up an outfit in a matter of seconds making it look more revamped. Layer it on top on your tees or tank tops and walk in confidence every step of the way. 

So go online and check out ZALORA. Not only can you get these three 'baju murah',  it also offers a wide range of apparel for women from various brands online at the best price ever!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Our first wedding anniversary

Alhamdulillah, we had a wonderful long weekend to celebrate our anniversary.

We spent our first anniversary dinner at Alexis, GE mall. Since we both wanted to have different dishes, Alexis was the best option to cater to our tastes. He had the biryani and I had the carbonara. For dessert, we just had to have their pavlova.

Reminiscing on our dinner, I don't think I could have been that sort of lovey dovey woman. Before I met my husband, I wasn't even the type to hold hands with my then bfs. But here we are, sitting next to each other, feeding each other our dinner, joking around, holding hands and sharing dessert.

Yes, very much cliche' lovey dovey couple stuff. Nonetheless, very happy. My old self would have told the new us to get a room...bluarghhh...


Happy 1st Anniversary to us and here's hoping to many great years to come.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Kicking off my November weekend

Sunday started off with brunch at Acme South, Bangsar with the girls. Between the non-stop chatting and stuffing our faces with awesome dishes, I only managed to take two pictures. Sorry guys...

Since it was our first time there, we decided to try three different main dishes, two side dishes and sample it all. We ordered the brisket which came with two sides; po' boy shrimp sandwich; a plate of jambalaya; some hush puppies and mac and cheese. All were good but I must say that the mac and cheese was a bit of a let down in comparison to all the others. The jambalaya was the first to go. Sedaps whoaaa...the brisket with its two sides were absolutely divine and kena lar with the price (RM49)...I enjoyed the sandwich as they are very much generous with the shrimp, the garlic ciabatta was soft and nicely baked and the sauces I complimented it with ( watermelon and expresso) made the sandwich even more yummers.

Again, sorry not enough pictures to make you drool.

After brunch with the girls, Husbie and I made our way to KLCC Convention Centre to attend the Home Dec Expo Part 2. Husbie and I are making an effort to beautify our house, combining our tastes and balance the space in our house without overcrowding it with useless things. Choices were limited before the visit. I mean, apart from Ikea, Kepong, Kare, Viva, I Wanna Go Home and other commercially known places, where else can we go? Now, we know where to get the things we want. The halls were packed with interested patrons looking for awesome deals. Husbie and I were truly smitten with the chesterfield and meshed armoire from Kava.

After herding ourselves through all the crowd in all the halls and finally the exit, we killed time in KLCC before picking my sis up for an early dinner at Mali's.

There I finally got to buy my fried banana cheese fritters. I remember somewhere early in our marriage, one night, I was craving for them so bad that I actually cried when the stall was closed. Stressed lar..between my cravings and adjusting to married life...i need my banana cheese...hahah...I told my sis about it. She couldn't believe it! Hahahah...

Now we're both lepaking in front of the telly. Husbie enjoying his footie, yelling at the telly when his team misses a chance to score a goal and me blogging next to him. 

An awesome Sunday indeed to kick-off my November.