Saturday, 29 November 2014

Hiro's encounter with the cleaning crew

The other day Hiro was making his usual rounds, exploring the neighbourhood and showing off his good looks.

I was serving drinks to the gardener when one of the ladies from the cleaning crew outside whom was busy pulling off weed from the nearby drain started making meow noises.

" Meow Meow"

"Kenapa kak? Kucing ker?"

"Yer. Ngandung tu"

(Meoooow...sounded like Hiro)

" Huh. Tapi bunyi macam kucing saya. Kucing saya jantan kak."

(Checked the drain. Truly it was Hiro)

"Kak, itu kucing saya. Kucing saya jantan. Mana boleh ngandung. Gemuk ajer."

" Hah...yer ker?Ooooooohhh...aduuuuuuhhh" (Started calling her friend and pointing at Hiro)

Hiro was so frustrated he rushed into the house.


I don't care. It just means that I'm feeding my cats well.

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