Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My Top Three 'Baju Murah' picks

Want to buy that nice top but you've burst your monthly budget already? Trying to curb your spending in time for Christmas shopping? Having difficulty saving that portion of income for a special gift for that special someone? I have nothing to wear? I want, no I neeeeeed, to shoppp!!!

Well, stress no more. Now splurging on clothes won't mean you have to break the bank. You can even shop in advance as a christmas pressie for your girl or your friends.

What you can do is head online to Zalora for great offers. My choice would be to purchase any of these three basic staples that everyone should have in their closet.There are three main types of baju murah collection which are not only stylish but very affordable to purchase. 

The first piece is the simple basic t-shirt. Women can get t-shirts in many different colours and styles, from a short sleeved to a long sleeved one, according to their preference. The basic tees are definitely a must have for any women to own in their closet. It can be worn on a casual day out, doing errands or even at home during the weekends. Mix and match it with a nice pair of jeans, track pants, shorts, skirts or skorts to complete that stylish yet effortless appearance.

The next affordable piece of clothing to have is the trendy yoga pants or more known as leggings. Leggings are more fitted and made from spandex. The leggings are the perfect substitute for women who are just bored of wearing jeans on a day out around town. From hitting the town to the gym, switch that blouse to a basic tee with a nice pair of leggings for that productive workout session. Affordable and multi-purpose, a definite YES in my book.

Last but not least, the final must have, cardigans. Cardigans can definitely serve your wardrobe well because it can perk up an outfit in a matter of seconds making it look more revamped. Layer it on top on your tees or tank tops and walk in confidence every step of the way. 

So go online and check out ZALORA. Not only can you get these three 'baju murah',  it also offers a wide range of apparel for women from various brands online at the best price ever!

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