Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The next eccentric place to stay- Wanderlust, Little India, Singapore

We were watching Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences on Astro last night, lo and behold, in their list of eccentric places to stay was one particular hotel where Aimi and I were curious about whilst we were in Singapore a few years ago.

Whatsapped Aimi about it and she confirmed it was the one opposite our Hotel 81. No wonder it looked so familiar.

Which hotel am I talking about? Wanderlust of course! Definitely the place to stay the next time we're in Singapore. A one-of-a-kind hotel for grownups. Some say you'd have to reserve at least two months in advance to get the room with your preferable concept. Even the locals would reserve rooms in Wanderlust for a short weekend getaway to experience their quirky and funky rooms.

The floors' themes are Industrial Glam; Eccentricity; Is It Just Black and White and Creature Comforts. So the designs and concept of the rooms on each floor would take their cue from the theme of their floors.

I foresee awesome selfies, wefies and  picture-taking sessions throughout our stay there and melantak session at their french cafe.

Jom gi Singapore!

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