Sunday, 2 November 2014

Kicking off my November weekend

Sunday started off with brunch at Acme South, Bangsar with the girls. Between the non-stop chatting and stuffing our faces with awesome dishes, I only managed to take two pictures. Sorry guys...

Since it was our first time there, we decided to try three different main dishes, two side dishes and sample it all. We ordered the brisket which came with two sides; po' boy shrimp sandwich; a plate of jambalaya; some hush puppies and mac and cheese. All were good but I must say that the mac and cheese was a bit of a let down in comparison to all the others. The jambalaya was the first to go. Sedaps whoaaa...the brisket with its two sides were absolutely divine and kena lar with the price (RM49)...I enjoyed the sandwich as they are very much generous with the shrimp, the garlic ciabatta was soft and nicely baked and the sauces I complimented it with ( watermelon and expresso) made the sandwich even more yummers.

Again, sorry not enough pictures to make you drool.

After brunch with the girls, Husbie and I made our way to KLCC Convention Centre to attend the Home Dec Expo Part 2. Husbie and I are making an effort to beautify our house, combining our tastes and balance the space in our house without overcrowding it with useless things. Choices were limited before the visit. I mean, apart from Ikea, Kepong, Kare, Viva, I Wanna Go Home and other commercially known places, where else can we go? Now, we know where to get the things we want. The halls were packed with interested patrons looking for awesome deals. Husbie and I were truly smitten with the chesterfield and meshed armoire from Kava.

After herding ourselves through all the crowd in all the halls and finally the exit, we killed time in KLCC before picking my sis up for an early dinner at Mali's.

There I finally got to buy my fried banana cheese fritters. I remember somewhere early in our marriage, one night, I was craving for them so bad that I actually cried when the stall was closed. Stressed lar..between my cravings and adjusting to married life...i need my banana cheese...hahah...I told my sis about it. She couldn't believe it! Hahahah...

Now we're both lepaking in front of the telly. Husbie enjoying his footie, yelling at the telly when his team misses a chance to score a goal and me blogging next to him. 

An awesome Sunday indeed to kick-off my November.

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