Monday, 26 October 2015

Redeeming my #JakelSelfieJumbo prize

Earlier in the month, I had received a message from Jakel informing me that I was one of the lucky winners to have won a prize from my previous purchase and hashtag on insta.

So, I snuck off slightly early from work to stop by Jakel Mall to pick it up. It was already late in the week and my mission was to go in and leave ASAP to escape the KL jam. The prize was basically free 4 metres fabric of my choosing from a designated Room/Section in Jakel. Whilst choosing and sending pics to Husbie for his views, I cuci-cuci mata and surveyed other designs not included as part of the prize to choose from. 

Ooooh, I think my hubs made the right decision to not accompany me. So cantiiiikk!!! 

Takper, takper, next time. Plus, just sent mine to the tailors takkan nak beli lagi?!

Hard day at work can still smile ar!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Adele - Hello


The wait is over peeps!

Adele is dropping her new album, 25, the first after FOUR years, this 20th Nov 2015.

ARGHHHHHHH! Tak sabaq hang!

Absolutely adore her!

Monday, 19 October 2015

That Time of The Year Again

Hi Peeps.

Just want to inform all that my blog will be undergoing some minor changes specifically to the design. All should be finalised this week, Insya Allah. 

So one minute you might view it in a different format and the next, a different one all together. 

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your kind support. 

Friday, 16 October 2015

World Handbag Day

Did you gals know that today is World Handbag Day? I didn't know that it even exists in the first place! 

I generally would categorise myself as one of those ladies with a minimal to moderate collection. Nothing to the point of filling a room to the brim. Among them, I of course have a few that I favour over others. This is referring to handbags alone ok? Excluding my fave clutches and minaudieres.

To commemorate my own personal recognition of World Handbag Day this year, thought I'd dedicate a posting on one of my most precious and cherished handbag, on what I'd like to think as an heirloom. An heirloom usually entails a precious item that has been shared and passed down through several generations. However, for this item, I'm not really sure it has reached that level as yet but Insya Allah my future daughters will take it upon them to appreciate and keep it nicely among their collection.

In the first year back in KL from the UK, I lost my beloved grandmother. My late grandmother was not a rich lady. She had a tough upbringing and an even tougher life. But what she lacked in financial riches, Allah granted her rezeki in many other ways. From her many hardships, she turned out to be a very independent, resourceful and hardworking woman. She was a very special woman in my life and one from whom I will remember the many knowledge, kindness and advice I've counted on throughout.

From her passing, my late grandmother left her whole cupboard consisting of her precious chinas and other memorabilia to me. Among them, is this beautiful leather handbag and pair of shoes. I think it's Crocodile? Or is it Alligator?  Not really sure what they used for handbags and shoes back then. It has that rustic colour to it. With a combination of a few shades of brown and gold clasps. 

My late grandparents from my mother's side were very poor. So when one day, my late grandfather returned home and surprised my late grandmother with these, she obviously cherished it so much that she even kept it nicely among her collection for family and guests to see, many many years after his passing. Among the few of her luxury items in life.

I keep it in a glass cabinet, on the top shelf. Solely dedicated for my late grandmother's handbag and shoes collection. It's so precious that I'm even scared to send it to a Professional Bag Cleaner. Afraid they'd spoil it or claim it's lost or something. It's a piece of family history kot! No way can I take such risks! 

So for World Handbag Day, I'd like to pay tribute through this blog posting of my late grandmother's leather handbag. May it retain its elegance throughout just like my late grandmother.

Happy World Handbag Day!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Kitty Rescue

It was the Friday after Eid Al-Adha. Whilst most were on leave,  I was given the honour of manning the office for a potential meeting that evening.

I wasn't in the mood for Mamak food that morning. So, I went to the only Kakak stall which was opened for breakfast. Whilst waiting for my turn, I couldn't help but look at this white kitty lounging about near the stall. The tail was fluffy and it looked lost i.e. not really sure how to fend for itself. Plus, I've never seen her here before.

I went near her and she didn't run away. The Uncle cleaner nearby gave her some kibble and she was munching away despite having other cats eyeing her portion. She was so hungry that she even chased kibbles which rolled into the grassy patch. I took pics of her and sent it to my friend. Without my knowledge, at first, she even went to put in up on her timeline. What surprised me was that many were eager to adopt her.

So, after work, I went in search for her. Within 5 minutes, I found her taking refuge from the sun under a car. Overnight, we fostered her and the next morning I passed her on to her new family. 

Initially, I thought it was a case whereby she got dumped after giving birth to kittens and the usual 'keep kittens throw mummy' case. It turned out that after a visit to the vet, she's actually mid-way towards her pregnancy. So, the new family will have to find homes for the kittens soon.

What I'm trying to get here is that those who commit to have pets, please understand that your pet is an extension of your family. It is a lifetime commitment. If let's say you can't keep it, take responsibility and find a new loving home with owners who can commit. Believe it or not, animals do have feelings and emotions. For those with children, not only can they teach children to understand and develop empathy but also responsibility that goes to taking care of your extended family.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Out of the Ordinary - Symptoms of UTI

So a few weeks back, I got the cherry berries. Following that incident, I had this persistent pain on my left side for five days straight. So the hubs and I went to the nearest clinic. The doctor concurred that my tummy was just regulating itself post the cherry berries so most likely it's just wind.

A week went by and the pain got worst. It was to the point that I could not even walk. Everytime I stepped on the floor it felt like many needles were piercing my feet. Then the fever came. In the middle of the night, the pain persisted. I was already crying here thinking maybe my appendix burst and if anything goes awry, what's gonna happen to my hubs, my cats and my family. What about all the stuff I worked on for the Firm? Will it all just go to waste? (Yes, drama queen here. Nangis sorang-sorang tengah malam). Through my tears, I navigated google via phone to find out that if there was trouble with my appendix, the pain would be on the right side instead of your left. So that eliminated appendix related issues from my worries.

In the morning, Husbie took leave from work to accompany his wife to the clinic. Did a urine test and lo and behold, I have UTI. There was even a little blood in it. Not visible to the naked eye. 

The thing is I didn't even have problems going to the toilet. 

Previous UTI's I've had was the usual, not drinking a lot of water so I'd have to top up with some citric salts. Even then it was ages ago.

The main indicator would be trouble or pain doing Number 1. Not this time. It was just pain on my left side and both my feet. It's not common to have such a link i.e. the pain at your sides and feet but it does happen. I was prescribed some pain killers and antibiotics.

Fast forward to today, it went away but came back again after two days. This time round, upon another visit to the clinic, Doc sent my urine for lab testing. She suspects the antiobiotics didn't work for the strain of bacteria or something like that.

The point is, you can't take this lightly. Mom already recommended that I visit a gynae soon. May also be beneficial to identify one I'm most comfortable with for future births. For now, waiting for the lab results, guzzling on cranberry juice and surveying on costs for gynae and which hospital to visit.

So ladies, don't second guess when it pertains to your health especially the well-being of your nether regions.