Monday, 5 October 2015

Out of the Ordinary - Symptoms of UTI

So a few weeks back, I got the cherry berries. Following that incident, I had this persistent pain on my left side for five days straight. So the hubs and I went to the nearest clinic. The doctor concurred that my tummy was just regulating itself post the cherry berries so most likely it's just wind.

A week went by and the pain got worst. It was to the point that I could not even walk. Everytime I stepped on the floor it felt like many needles were piercing my feet. Then the fever came. In the middle of the night, the pain persisted. I was already crying here thinking maybe my appendix burst and if anything goes awry, what's gonna happen to my hubs, my cats and my family. What about all the stuff I worked on for the Firm? Will it all just go to waste? (Yes, drama queen here. Nangis sorang-sorang tengah malam). Through my tears, I navigated google via phone to find out that if there was trouble with my appendix, the pain would be on the right side instead of your left. So that eliminated appendix related issues from my worries.

In the morning, Husbie took leave from work to accompany his wife to the clinic. Did a urine test and lo and behold, I have UTI. There was even a little blood in it. Not visible to the naked eye. 

The thing is I didn't even have problems going to the toilet. 

Previous UTI's I've had was the usual, not drinking a lot of water so I'd have to top up with some citric salts. Even then it was ages ago.

The main indicator would be trouble or pain doing Number 1. Not this time. It was just pain on my left side and both my feet. It's not common to have such a link i.e. the pain at your sides and feet but it does happen. I was prescribed some pain killers and antibiotics.

Fast forward to today, it went away but came back again after two days. This time round, upon another visit to the clinic, Doc sent my urine for lab testing. She suspects the antiobiotics didn't work for the strain of bacteria or something like that.

The point is, you can't take this lightly. Mom already recommended that I visit a gynae soon. May also be beneficial to identify one I'm most comfortable with for future births. For now, waiting for the lab results, guzzling on cranberry juice and surveying on costs for gynae and which hospital to visit.

So ladies, don't second guess when it pertains to your health especially the well-being of your nether regions. 

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