Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Missing the gym...

It's bad enough that my doc has told me to lay off the gym for four months...there goes my three month aim...and now I'm worried how fat I'll be by end of the year. I can feel I've become more soft and squishy with all this non-walking around etc...slowly turning into michelin-man or michelin-lady...

Missing my 30 minute circuit...Missing the feeling of completing two laps of the machines and exercise boards...I miss my Curves...

Don't eat when you're nervous...Huaaarghhh!!!

I am so nervous about tomorrow's procedure that I ate three pieces of original KFC chicken, two buns, a bit of mash and coleslaw and four pieces of cheesy wedges for one sitting. Despite a large meal in my belly, I still can't shake this anxiety.

Hoping it won't be as painful...


Sarawak_4-7 Nov 2011: Day 2

Bye-bye Santubong...we're off to the City now...
After checking out from Damai, we quickly made our way back to Kuching to meet up with Aimi at the Grand Margherita hotel. The initial plan to rent a car and tour around Kuching was a no-go. Somehow, the botched idea turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as if not, we wouldn't have met Mr. Eugene, cab-driver cum tour guide extraordinare!!! A definite recommend if you're travelling in a small group. For those who plan to go to Kuching and wish to seek his service, just blog-mail me and I'll give you the number. Alternatively, you can find him on my FB.

First-stop....SERIKIN (not Sarikei. That's a totally different place). Serikin is located near the border of Kalimantan and Sarawak. Journey to Serikin from the city will take approximately one and a half hour.

What's in Serikin? Their weekend market of course. You'll find handicrafts, Sarawakian batiks, mats, jamu and all sorts of other Indonesian items. For women, they mainly come here for the telekungs and embroidered Indonesian batik. Pricing-wise...not bad. It is fairly cheap. All depends on your bargaining skills.

Instant Indonesian treat!

As we were already within the area, we decided to make a pit-stop at the Wind Caves. It was definitely a first time for all of us. We never came close to any caving activities. Note that in visiting the Wind Caves, it's ok to wear normal attire. However, if you do decide to visit the Fairy Caves along the way, wear proper attire i.e. sneakers. I was made to understand that the climb within the Fairy Caves are even more slippery and steep.

Mr. Eugene, Aimi and M*
This was the part that totally creeped me out. Can't imagine people, including children, finding sanctuary here during the Japanese occupation.
To be honest, for first-timers, you will definitely be creeped out. It's so dark that even the light from our torch lights failed to penetrate the darkness. You need some very powerful ones like those brought by Mr Eugene. Our herooo....even the group behind us followed Mr Eugene while he explained the history, some of the unique formations and the water passages within the cave.

Some gruesome history behind the caves in Sarawak. Basically, in Sarawak, there are hundreds of caves. During the Japanese occupation, many had to seek refuge in caves to escape torture and prosecution. Mr. Eugene informed that even his parents at the age of nine had hidden in the Fairy Caves. Lucky for them that they had chosen the right cave, as many of the caves were smoked and the Japanese had blocked their escape routes, leaving those inside the caves to suffocate to death. All did not survive. This later contributed to the naming of "Bau" in Sarawak due to the stench of the dead. (This is debatable as I've read many versions to how the name "Bau" came about. For now, I'm sticking to what Mr Eugene told us). According to Mr. Eugene, the stench was so bad that nearby villages could smell it. Flies would come in black clouds to feast on the dead.

However, those who sought refuge at the two caves, specifically the Wind Caves and Fairy Caves were spared. Somehow, the smoke from the fire were channeled out from the caves due to their unique formations and passageways.

Bell-holes. Bell holes are the effect from bats roosting on the ceilings of the cave. These form of erosions are due to the heat and condensation from the bats' urine.
By the way, during our tour, I highly suspect I got a "gift" from the bats, specifically on top of my head.

Jannah  : Omg, balik kang I better mandi. I tak nak kang tetiba ada bald spot pulak...
Aimi     : Yeah, nanti ada bell-hole pulak...
Jannah  : -__________________ -  Kughang Asthaaammm...
Aimi     : Hahahahahah

A definite must-experience... If you are properly attired, I suggest that you visit the Fairy Caves as well as it is within the area as well. Visit the Sungai Sarawak too as usually it's bustling with activities. Unfortunately, when we visited it, the water was slightly higher than usual so it was closed to the public.

By the time we arrived back in the city, it was already 5'ish. We made our way back to our room to freshen up and prep for our next stop...across the river...Dayang Salhah...

The sampan ride across the river will cost you 50 sen.Be careful when you get into it as I was unfortunate enough to knock my head on the ceiling of the sampan...ouch..sakit sikit ajer. You'll forget it once you get to Dayang Salhah.

Dayang Salhah is famous for their fresh kuih lapis. By the way, go there on an empty stomach. You can sample as much as you like. There are so many varieties you'd go bonkers by the end of your visit. Men, prepare to be slaves to your mums, wives, sisters or girlfriends...Gurlsss, prepare to get cross-eyed. My friends and I sampai terduduk kat tengah-tengah kedai...what Aimi's beau later on termed it as our bimbo moment.

Us with our purchases
After stuffing our hotel's mini fridge with our purchases, we went on in search for dinner. Location? Top Spot! Ohh Emmm Geee...fresh, pricing not too bad..and oh soooo good!!!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Go-Ahead

I swear, twice in my adult life, was I actually ever scared in the hospital. One of those times includes today's appointment with the orthopedic. I've conveyed my decision to the doc and after examining my leg further did he realise that I will need more than the initial three blood ampules. Therefore, I will need to upgrade my stemcell package and obviously the price goes up with it. Never had I been sooooo in LOVEEE with the organisation I'm working with currently.

During the consultation, the doc reminded me that the PRP is still in it's early stages of development. No guarantees but most of his patients whom have gone through this procedure prefers PRP and healed better than your usual surgery. At the same time, he posed the option that maybe I should consider SURGERY!!! He made my ankle and foot sound like a piece of steak..."Oh, you'll have a cut from here to here..and I'll reconnect your torn ligaments...: >________________< I felt like crying throughout the consultation. In fact, he wanted to give me one injection on the spot due to inflamed sumin sumin...

The procedure will take place this Thurs. The doc, the blood guy, the StemTEch dude, nurses and physio, all have the same message, I will definitely be in pain...Oh God, give me strength...

p.s. My convocation in UIA is this Sat...Should I walk up the stage with crutches or wheel in to take my cert? Arrgghhhh!!!

PRP-related anxiousness

I can't sleep. Tomorrow is the day I have to convey my decision to the doc on whether I want to proceed with his recommended Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment.

For your information, I got my MRI results for my ankle last Saturday. Alhamdulillah, no fracture whatsoever. However, I had torn five ligaments from my fall.

Been doing research on the PRP. Seriously, nervous and scared. The pages I've found online so far are explained in clinical terms of which does not necessarily instill the proper confidence for me to go ahead. But Doc informed it is best for me to opt for this one. The second option is to leave it to heal by itself but the results won't be as good and the healing process will be slower.The final option of course is to go in for surgery.

Any docs out there that can give their views? In layman's terms if you don't mind...

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sarawak_4-7 Nov 2011: Day 1

M* and I arrived in Kuching on Friday morning and made our way to Damai Puri Resort & Spa. We took a cab straight to Damai. On the way there, we enjoyed awesome and magnificent views...including Mount Santubong.

The awesome view from our hotel room

Upon settling our luggages in our room, we made our way to what we came to Damai for. The Sarawak Cultural Village. A definite must-do and must-see. M* and I thoroughly enjoyed our time there. It is a very educational and interactive experience, fun for all ages. SERIOUSLY!!! Bring your student ID to get the local rate. If not, you'd have to fork out RM60 for the ticket.

Strategising our move...Aim? To cover the whole village and make it in time for the 4 p.m. show
First meal in Sarawak...Sarawak laksa of course...

Me...bringing the freshly harvested pepper back to the farm
Yes, yes...i AM the madam of this house...
Making bahulu the traditional way...
M* learning to play gasing
M* learning about the benefits of tongkat ali

Getting my ULU tats ONNN!!!

Sexaaaayyy...the sexiness lasted only till evening tho...I am telling you, the downpour in Kuching is even more heavier than what we usually experience in the Semenanjung

I think deep down I am an ULU warrior princess...hahah
Come heed my call warriors!!!
Scary high stairs...OMG, imagine if the toilet was out in the woods and you have to urgently go out there to make number two??? 
This Iban dude was carrying the 20kg mortar with his teeth..good gawd...don't try this at home!!!!
Sexy ULU men getting their skillz onnn...
Rain or shine...must take a pic at Damai Beach before we go back to the city

My personal tips from Day 1:
  • If you want to stay in Damai with a more happening vibe, choose Damai Beach Resort. We initially wanted to stay there but what happened was that only later did we realise we had chosen Damai Puri Resort and Spa. We thought it was one and the same. Both are close to the cultural village. But from what I heard from the locals, Damai Beach Resort has a better lay out of the beach. Damai Puri was OK, the hotel is comparatively new to Damai Beach resort with its recent takeover and renovation..but it was kinda quiet, too quiet... the food choices at the hotel were honestly disappointing...poor maintenance (too bad cos' it does have potential)..and SNORREEEE...boring activities etc (the spa choices are limited)
  • Food in Sarawak are generally not spicy, so for those who are die-hard "must-have-pedas/sambal" food, just bear with it and enjoy your time in Kuching
  • If you're still a student, you're in luck!!! Bring your student ID and get the local rate in purchasing your Sarawak Cultural Village ticket.
  • As usual, plan your getaway to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • Bring a small umbrella with you always!!! When it rains, IT REALLY RAINSSS...
  • Bring your charger for the camera and an extra memory card...I had to delete some of the pictures I took by the second day so that I could take more pics...