Wednesday, 23 November 2011

LV oh LV...

LV is still not faring well....last night, he had four seizures. He is pretty weak right now...eats like a bird and very weak that he could not get into his own litter box...

Any recommendations on good animal hospital? I heard there's one in Cheras or Bangi, run by UPM...any reviews or personal experiences on them out there???

Update as at 4:11 p.m.:
Despite my sprained ankle, I drove to two different vets. The first was a useless visit to a vet nearby where I had to fork out rm35 for consultation only. The second one was back to my usual vet, where I paid rm35 for his drip and another form of antibiotics. Truly scared LV would not make it through tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Sedih2....maybe I should go to KL and bring him back to Kuantan..Doc kat sini bagus Alhamdulillah.Lets pray for his miracle recovery even though he looks teruk..kalau dah takdir, we cannot do anything..we tried.Doa2 dia sembuh walaupun bunyi gitu.