Sunday, 22 February 2015


What's up with women and men in suits?

We watched Kingsman over the weekend. I've been waiting for the movie since I first saw the trailer last year.

Definitely was not dissapointed. Got to see Colin Firth in his bespoke suit. Supposedly he underwent intensive training for six months and did 80% of his own stunts in the movie. His 'valet' was hot too. Wait till you get to the bit where he wears his own bespoke suit. Hawwwt...

"Yang, you slim sikit and you'd definitely look good in a suit"

" Yer laaaaaaa" ( Did I tell you husbie recently improved his merajuk skills. Boleh tahan k? Hahaha)

It was odd though that only some movie patrons laughed at the british humour displayed in the movie...hmmmm...apesal ek?

Saturday, 21 February 2015

A lovely breeze

We were caught in the jam for 6 hours for our trip back to Kuantan.

So the next morning, we decided to take a lovely stroll on the beach, walk off the aches from our backs and legs and just enjoy each other's company.

Enjoy the pics!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Beautiful skin with Swiss Line

So with the start of the New Year, I made the switch to Swiss Line. 

It's been two months since I've been using Swiss Line and I find their products amazingly suitable to my sensitive skin. I feel that my skin is more radiant, exudes that inner-glow without having to down gallons of prune extract and not prone to break-outs easily. I absolutely love love them. It has that nice tingly feel to it....and the moisturiser, my ultimate fave...refreshing and smells like cucumbers!

Coincidently, the manufacturer of Swiss Line is one and the same of my OOOOOLLLLD beauty product when I had facials during my teens. Fated with Swiss Line? Maybe. Hihi...

I bought their whitening range. In addition to my facials with Evon, my beautician who is awesome at what she does and my personal 'pimple extractor', my skin is even more beautiful. She started off as my beautician ever since I got back from the UK and was in dire need of a good facial (cos' the one in Kuantan did their damage to my forehead by the time I started work in KL) but then on the relationship progressed to one of friendship cum share all-kinds of info beautician. From cooking tips, relationship tips, hairstyle and which hair salon, where to shop, insurance, swap sad stories...semua lah! A blessing in disguise.

I have been to facials since I was 14 when I was living in Damansara Heights. So though you may think I am bias, Evon is the one to go to get your pimples, blackheads, acne, etc sorted. She even does body treatments.

Pricing is reasonable and her facial and body packages are worth it. Oh, another plus point? She actually calls you after a session to follow-up. I've been with her for years and she still whats-apps or calls to ask "How your skin?", " Good or not the product?". Where can you get that personal touch to your facials or body treatments. She will give the proper recommendation on what to purchase but I never felt like I was pushed or forced to buy any of her products. So you can rest, relax and feel comfortable in getting facials there without the unnecessary pressure to purchase this and that.

If you are willing to try something new this year and make a change to your skin products, give Evon a call. Must call ahead yer? She caters to some of the most prominent people here in Malaysia so she's very much a busy bee. Her add and contact details are as in the pictures below.

Just give her a call. Say Jannah recommended. You are sure to be fully satisfied with her service.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Found It!

"Jannah, I dah jumpa your old wedding invitations. They were in the boxes in Baba's room."

"Dah agak dah! Awesome, just keep them for me. Nanti when I get there I'll pick them up"

I've been searching for my old wedding invitations for almost a year. I've dug through most of my old boxes from my move in storage. Months back, I was watching Romantika or something of the like on TV (Can't really recall the TV programme), and the nice lady was browsing through her wedding photos. At the back of the album, she actually kept her old wedding invitation. Awfully sweet of her.

First thought, S***, I should have done that.

Aper lagi...Called my sis, asked her to check on her end while I checked on mine. Luckily Husbie's old wedding invitations are still well kept in his book cabinet at the in-laws. Will have to pick them up soon.

Now that I have them...

Maybe I should laminate them first. Wouldn't want the print to stick in the album. Then I can just slid it behind the sheet of paper covering the pictures...


I can frame them? That would be a nice option.

Any other ideas on how best to keep them? What did you do with yours?

Valentine's at D' Paku Little Malaya Kitchen

With the busy week we both had, we were too tired to get stuck in traffic jams and definitely not in the mood to spend money needlessly out and about with prices being hiked up like crazy. Not wanting to be another of the countless victims of the commercial clap trap of Valentine's, we enjoyed our Saturday just doing our menial chores, chilling in front of the TV, catching up on our reading, keeping the house clean and having breakfast together. However, we both agreed to have dinner nearby minus the jams, frustration of finding parking and hiked prices.

The chosen place for the night was D' Paku Little Malaya Kitchen. We've passed this place many times. In fact, right after the Aussie Dinner I previously attended a few weeks ago, I accompanied my husband to have his dinner here. He was pleased with his order hence worth another visit, this time with his hungry wife in tow.

D'Paku is a family-owned restaurant located in UP1/8, Ukay Perdana which serves Kelantanese food during the day and western dishes at night. They close on Sundays. 

It's one of those places I would deem as a family oriented place and people can come and go in a relaxed manner. No need to dress up or anything. Very much a laid-back and chilled place. 

The food is excellent and definitely pricing is reasonable. We both had the black pepper steak and were happy with the serving. It's another place where I find the black pepper sauce does not overpower the palate.

Service is good and the people are friendly. So come over and sample their selection of dishes.

Monday, 9 February 2015

ASAS Annual Dinner 2015 - Shangrila Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Today's post will be written in Manglish. Trying it out for today. Before this, sikit-sikit ajer campur BM. Nih full on Manglish mode. My dear readers, I welcome any feedback, k?

Ever since we got married, asyik nak berkepit ajer. Ok, masa bf-gf pun nak berkepit, but after marriage if tak berkepit bak kata Husbie, the other half "jadi bodoh/blur/tak tau nak buat aper". Example, when I was away in Auckland, NZ for my negotiations, pesan to sapu the house sikit, balik KL lantai berdebu seinci. Alasan? 

"Without you at home, I just didn't have the mood." 

Haiz... sah sah I married a panda...tau makan and golek-golek ajer (Not taking into account the sexy stuff yek).

So, I granted Husbie the honour of having his HOT WIFE by his side for his old school's annual dinner. Malam tu theme dia baju batik and lengan panjang. Nasib baik jumpa dress hitam lengan panjang, cover bontot and fulfill all the syarat-syarat about a week ago. I accessorised with a gold necklace and bangles and Batik clutch...lepas lar. 

As I understand it, initially none of his old schoolmates' wives were coming along. In fact, a few times Husbie warned me that I'm the only girl on the list. I never minded it much, dah biasa dari sekolah until the work place to be in a "man's world" and I believe I thrive in every one of them. Yang selalu buat hal, kalau banyak sangat pompuan...sikit-sikit drama (kuat dengki, ant to molehill situation, name it... ada ajer). Serik doh...

Anyway, that night, a few managed to break through their initial BOYS ONLY dinner. Some of Husbie's friends openly admitted that they lied to their wives saying that none of their friends' wives were going to the Annual Dinner. Oh? Takper, soon I kenal bini masing-masing I will bocor all the RAHSIAs...keh keh keh...

His ASAS batch are a friendly lot. Since the day I've met them, takder yang I rasa sombong. Mulut ringan nak bercakap and smile.

I have to tabik spring to all bebudak ASAS lar. Semangat sayang to their old school evident from all the friendly hugs, chatter and speeches. Siap ingat lagi lagu sekolah weii...Old headmasters and teachers were given a standing ovation and the rightly deserved honour and tribute. Even the old odd job worker at school who did the gardening and jual burger seringgit every night was invited to join the Annual Dinner. Did you know in the school's early days, ASAS ada batch pompuan?

I was happy seeing Husbie happy. Bukan tak selalu jumpa, but with the Annual Dinner setting, masing-masing macam little school girls. Regaling on old school stories, jumpa senior lar, jumpa junior lar, jumpa Cikgu Sexy lama lar...haiz, kesian jugak when in all boys school, sampai tahap kena usha cikgu untuk cuci mata. Hahah...

Talking about acting like school girls...tengah-tengah makan, before main entertainment, we were entertained by hired band and former ASAS students. So, adalar mamat nih naik stage nyanyi... 

"Oh, suara sedap. Another budak ASAS ker?"

"Oh...dia memang nyanyi sedap. Dia kan former Ruffedge."

Fuuhh...Almost got whiplash turning my head towards the stage. You see, I nih generally kurang minat lagu/artis Melayu. Taste lagu orang putih ajer. Now, sejak kahwin adalah diverse sikit. Itu pun memilih. Masa sekolah dulu pun, kenal a few sebab kengkawan yang share the songs yang I pun boleh terima. So I recall one of them was from Ruffedge.

Termenuuuuuuuung kat stage....

"Lar, you tak perasan ker. Dia junior I setahun. Tu, dok kat meja belakang kitaorang nih."

"Oh, I see." Agenda school girl to be continued...

Malam tu Caliph Buskers and Ramli Sarip were the piece de resistance. Memang best ar. Caliph Buskers pun pandai tone down some of the music yang originally ROCK-ON for the older generation. Tapi, Ramli Sarip still the best ar. Nyanyi rilek jer. 

Unfortunately, tak sempat pun nak take pictures with them. Cissss...

Tapi, after mintak Husbie's permission, to Husbie and his friends' amusement, I dapat lar gambar ngan satu artis... (nih lar sambungan ala-ala gedik school girl).

Lepas Annual Dinner, boleh diaorang sambung sesi Boys, yang tak berapa Boys, night out kat Pelita, Ampang. Haiz...memang balik rumah muka stone penat lar gamaknyer. Dress pun kena terus handwash sebab bau mamak.

Eh eh, biler tengok gambar nih balik baru perasan ada artis "photobomb" this picture...heheh
The stage for the night. Kesian MC banyak kali mintak masuk dewan and duduk bebudak ASAS tua muda buat derk ajer...hahah

Sejak AJL, memang popular...dah memang berbakat. Keep up the good work!

Awesome. Kalau merokok pakai lighter dah confirm wave it macam kat rock-concert.

Husbie with his old Cikgu Seni
I ngan former Ruffedge member formerly known as Mode...heheh...Rasa dia lagi hensem when older... 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Like a little girl

So last Monday night, we went to eat seafood for dinner. Unfortunately, I got the cherry berry the next day.

As usual, whenever I am not well, I must have porridge. Since Husbie does not know how to cook porridge, we went to Mcdonald's to have some.

I was already waiting at our seats when he brought our tray to the table.

"Eh, so cuteeee! Thanks sayang! I feel like a little girl!"

Proof that sometimes, a little bit of gedik manja works...boleh cepat sembuh sikit...