Sunday, 22 February 2015


What's up with women and men in suits?

We watched Kingsman over the weekend. I've been waiting for the movie since I first saw the trailer last year.

Definitely was not dissapointed. Got to see Colin Firth in his bespoke suit. Supposedly he underwent intensive training for six months and did 80% of his own stunts in the movie. His 'valet' was hot too. Wait till you get to the bit where he wears his own bespoke suit. Hawwwt...

"Yang, you slim sikit and you'd definitely look good in a suit"

" Yer laaaaaaa" ( Did I tell you husbie recently improved his merajuk skills. Boleh tahan k? Hahaha)

It was odd though that only some movie patrons laughed at the british humour displayed in the movie...hmmmm...apesal ek?

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