Monday, 16 February 2015

Beautiful skin with Swiss Line

So with the start of the New Year, I made the switch to Swiss Line. 

It's been two months since I've been using Swiss Line and I find their products amazingly suitable to my sensitive skin. I feel that my skin is more radiant, exudes that inner-glow without having to down gallons of prune extract and not prone to break-outs easily. I absolutely love love them. It has that nice tingly feel to it....and the moisturiser, my ultimate fave...refreshing and smells like cucumbers!

Coincidently, the manufacturer of Swiss Line is one and the same of my OOOOOLLLLD beauty product when I had facials during my teens. Fated with Swiss Line? Maybe. Hihi...

I bought their whitening range. In addition to my facials with Evon, my beautician who is awesome at what she does and my personal 'pimple extractor', my skin is even more beautiful. She started off as my beautician ever since I got back from the UK and was in dire need of a good facial (cos' the one in Kuantan did their damage to my forehead by the time I started work in KL) but then on the relationship progressed to one of friendship cum share all-kinds of info beautician. From cooking tips, relationship tips, hairstyle and which hair salon, where to shop, insurance, swap sad stories...semua lah! A blessing in disguise.

I have been to facials since I was 14 when I was living in Damansara Heights. So though you may think I am bias, Evon is the one to go to get your pimples, blackheads, acne, etc sorted. She even does body treatments.

Pricing is reasonable and her facial and body packages are worth it. Oh, another plus point? She actually calls you after a session to follow-up. I've been with her for years and she still whats-apps or calls to ask "How your skin?", " Good or not the product?". Where can you get that personal touch to your facials or body treatments. She will give the proper recommendation on what to purchase but I never felt like I was pushed or forced to buy any of her products. So you can rest, relax and feel comfortable in getting facials there without the unnecessary pressure to purchase this and that.

If you are willing to try something new this year and make a change to your skin products, give Evon a call. Must call ahead yer? She caters to some of the most prominent people here in Malaysia so she's very much a busy bee. Her add and contact details are as in the pictures below.

Just give her a call. Say Jannah recommended. You are sure to be fully satisfied with her service.

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