Tuesday, 27 November 2012

LV...I still think about you

Funny how before you sleep, you suddenly remember things...In my case, I began reminiscing about LV, my orange persian kitty.

Just realised that yesterday marked the first year since he passed on to little kitty heaven. I miss his cute meows and how he followed me everywhere in the house.

I still miss him. I know he's only a kitty to most people...but he was part of the family to us.

Missing LV...26 Nov...

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Stewie...after-nap look

Still 'mamai' after his nap
Right after terus mata terbuntang bulat...meow

On my own

Boyfie is out of town so I went to the nearby shopping mall to pick up my rm100 voucher. The pick up deadline is end of the month but I have up till end year to use the voucher. Saving it till then....

So to get my RM3 parking fee's worth, I went window shopping and browsed through things I may get end-year where the sales will be at its peak.

Went in Charles & Keith, saw this super cute shoe in the colour I soooo wanted. Of course, my size is no longer in stock. The only pair within the collection that still had my size was this yellow one...

Tried it on...ok, I know I shouldn't at the risk of aggravating my injury but I just wanted to see whether my right foot could fit in the shoe. It did! I just stood there in front of the mirror...happy that after a year, no salesgirl or salesman was laughing at me because my other foot could not fit. My swelling did not hinder the fit...but my veins started to pop out...like super pop out...'harry potter, voldemort is sorta near' kinda nyot nyot...and the sole of my right foot just couldn't settle with the arch. In fact, my foot automatically 'senget' on the heel. Wonder why? (Have to check it with physiotherapist).

In the end, I had to forego the purchase and wait another day to buy that special heel that will become my first heel post-ligaments-injury (p.l.i).

Thursday, 1 November 2012

First impressions...

Today was my first trip to the Kuala Lumpur Sports Medical Centre. It's way time for me to do something to speed up my recovery. Hopefully, by end year, I can wear heels again.

To enjoy their physio services and facilities, I must first go through an assessment by my doc.

Up on the stretching board....

Moi' : Doc, I must tell you I fail on the stretching board. Somehow I just can't straighten my back...
Doc: It's ok. I just wanna see how you're like on the board
Moi': Ooo...kaaayyy... but excuse my tonggekness...
Doc : Waaahhhh...you're so tight
Moi' : (Looking at my back)... Yeah, I know
Doc : I'm talking about that...(finger point to my feet)...not that ( finger pointing to my tonggek bit)...
Moi': -________-

Surrounded by doc, nurses and physio attendant's laughter.

In my defense, I was actually looking at my calves.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lesson learnt

Another emergency visit to the doctor's today. It seems that I often get inflammation to the foot. I was proud of myself for not having to rely on my cane to walk for the past two weeks plus. Of course my hands were flailing about to find balance to walk on my own but I did become stronger with the coming days.

Then came the day to shift my things to another cubicle at work. Urghhhhh...hence the setback. Three of my colleagues did help out in shifting the heavy stuff e.g. the drawer and the PC while I focused in moving majority of my things such as documents, files, etc.

Now, I have to bear the pain. Lesson learnt: Don't get too cocky AND to hell with those who think you're just manja-ing yourself or miffed with the fact you can't manage in doing some of the usual everyday things. In the end, I am the one who has to take medical leave and go through the pain alone.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

A sweet flaw

Some just have the knack for it. On the other hand, there are those who aren't experts in giving or executing surprises. Yes, ladies and gentleman, Boyfie is among those described in the latter. Somehow you can just tell when he is about to surprise you. So far, in our eight years relationship, I had been truly surprised by Boyfie only twice...the rest were one of those obvious moments. One or two were the 'tak jadi' ones and I kena marah by him and pacify him...(smile). While I am generally oblivious to what present or object of surprise will be granted, I'll just know something is 'amiss'. Tonight was one of em'.

However, it is not something I don't like. In fact, it is just one of those quirks I really love about him. When faced with such situations, I would keep checking the back seat of the car or pretend nonchalant about it despite having seen the package on the floor board, hidden underneath an opened magazine. Tonight, he was smarter though. Nyorok the pressie bawah kerusi kereta whooooooaaa...hahahha....

A sweet flaw indeed...

The new J.K. Rowling book...STRICTLY for adults...I'll find out why soon....

Friday, 28 September 2012


How do you recycle a cardboard box?

Here's a suggestion...

I was watching the Budget 2013 by the way.

Taking the time...

There are plenty of things or occasions one should spare their time on. Take time to finally get your butt out of that couch and head to the gym. Take time to just sit down and reflect. Take time to pray. Take time to enjoy THE moment. Take time to paint,draw or sketch. Well, I finally got around to buat my baju. Bought the material since early March but due to my injury I couldn't walk to my tailor's near the workplace. That's why raya all instant loooorrr...

Bought one kain saree yesterday too to buat baju. It's not in the picture. We'll see how it turns out. Keep a look out on its reveal next month...

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sekitar Bulan Syawal 2012

Open houses, raya weekend gatherings and even more open houses...

1st Open house weekend....tu muka penat yerrr....malam tu pulak BBQ session at aunt's....wearing my  Janelle by Jovian
This year, we had Pertandingan Menghiasi Balang Raya to meriahkan lagi our departmental raya event. Participants were to decorate their respective cookie jars using whatever they can get their hands on within the department.
The other team posing with their work-in-progress
Vrrrooooooommmm!!! Kak O* doing her F1 stint in 'stealing' flowers to decorate her cookie jar
These girls were creative in crafting their own by recycling papers and old discarded ribbons
The display from the teams for our Director's decision
Wearing my Jemima by Jovian...at Boyfie's Open House
Whatever is a girl to do with all these makan-makan sessions? Dah puasa enam and tried my best to eat in moderation....and yet, with the amount of meat and food consumed, one is bound to feel...HEAVIER...compared to the feeling while one is fasting. So, I managed to drag Boyfie to the nearest Boostjuice to detoxify...HOW DO YOU DETOX???

By getting their WHEATGRASS shot of course...Boyfie geli cos' the smell of rumput was overwhelming...

Nyummmsss...RUMPUT goodness...hahahah
Errrr....wanna try sum?
 Offered Boyfie a sip...

Moi'    :  -________________-    ...Point taken...

Bottoms' up!
Perrrghhhh...a slice of orange to counter the delicious rumput flavour
Nasib baik laaaar dah ada bopren. With this picture, confirm SAHAM JATUH!!!! HAHAHAH...

Hope your Syawal was as good, if not better, than mine!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Last day

It's the last day for our two interns. They're very awesome guys whom are very kind,humble and funny. Not a single sombong trait among them. They definitely won the hearts of the Admin Unit and they are a bunch not easily swayed.The department will surely miss them.

Since we were full from the department's potluck, we went for dessert for lunch. Finally dapat merasa fondue haagen daazs. Biler lagi boleh order for a big group?

Mini choc ice cream dipped in hot chocolate and swirled in a bowl of chopped nuts
Finger-lickin' experience
The carnaaaageeeee

Department potluck, Thursday 300812

Do you recognise this dish?
It's my first time seeing and eating it. It' a kuala terengganu dish called Sekaya. Orang KL panggil sekayerrr. It's very refreshing and yummy...my colleague gave me the recipe.
Adakah masakan ini yang akan memenangi hati in-laws?

Friday, 31 August 2012

A wedding on merdeka night

A cousin of mine described the wedding as not just " a night of joy for the newly married couple, it's more like rekindling a family relationship- with my long- time-no-see cousins".

True to that sista!!! Jumpa lagi very soon k?

With my uncle and cousins...through him I received the answer to a long unanswered question...revelation people!

With aunties and cuzzies...please excuse my camera phone. Bawak camera tapi in all the hulla baloo bukannyer nak keluarkan from handbag...sheessh

Chupppp..I dah book little cuzzy to be future flower girl! Lucky mummy and daddy dia  tengah sibuk melayan other relatives. Sure nak contract and what not...heheheh

Again, sorry for the poor quality photo

Glad I still look good in my Jeanne by Jovian RTW. Although tak sempat nak alter and nampak a bit longgar, I was still happy with what I wore. Coupled it with an Ola bracelet and a hairclip from Fennel. Also, observe that I am wearing shoes. Flats of course. This is the second time I wore a pair since my injury.
My cousins, sis and I all together again

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Abang marah...

Adrenaline still pumping baru habis gaduh ngan one of the neighbourhood cats. Unscathed by the other but saham macho jatuh sebab mummy suruh masuk rumah. Method of persuasion mummy? Penyapu oren dia tuuuuu...

Don't come near me...grrrrr....

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Salam Lebaran daripada the Ghazali clan

My voice is stuck on high pitch mode right now...urghhh, had to kuatkan suara from my usual delicate voice I'm used to (Don't roll your eyes on me Boyfie!). Banyak berborak and had an awesome time catching up with aunts, uncles and cuzzies...when you are part of our Ghazali clan, prepare to be loud. Alternatively, you might just end up deaf from the many chatterboxes whom are very LOUD around you. I for one can get confuse on whose voice is whose whenever all my aunties and my mum get together. They all sound alike.

While chit chatting and sampling the raya goodies, teringat dok arwah nenek...reminiscing on old times and how grateful we are on the things she passed down to us. While most of you would be going after the rendang and ketupat, all of us were looking forward to our Sunday porridge party. This was one of the things arwah always sediakan. Alas, not today. My aunty tak sempat nak prepare it. We had the usual ketupat, lemang, rendang, serunding, kuah kacang etc. Supposedly many of my mum's adik-beradik and my cousins were asking for the bubur. Sorang tu siap ke dapur bongkar periuk...haaha...

I wore my Jova today. My aunt's mum specifically liked the capped beads on my shoulder.

" I dah lama dok memandang, you ajer tak perasan..."
" Oh yer? So sorry and thank youuuu...."


Oh, and my aunts praised on how much I have lost weight too!!!


Tip for those who will be wearing Jova. Take good care to not get your wrist anywhere near your chest or baju because the beads will pull the threads out from your baju...I dah kena a few already...aiyaiyaaaiii...

May all Muslim and Muslimahs have a joyous Hari Raya and may we have many more Ramadhans and Syawals to come. Amiiinnnn....

Selamat Hari Raya, Mohon Maaf Zahir dan Batin...

Aunty E. has taken up the role as the focal point to gather at for raya...just like Arwah Nenek. 

Semua pandang tak tentu arah...there were three or four cameras aiming at us Ghazali ladies and we weren't sure which one to look at

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Due to urgent need to go to the bank and to avoid the KL traffic jam, I had to go through this...

Don't think I'll go through this again anytime soon. The paaaaiiiinnnn!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ready for raya?

Wow guys...a few more weeks and it will be eid. Read in the papers today that train tickets to the east coast are all sold out. So for those going back by bus or air, better get a move on.

Last Friday, my office started putting up our department's raya deco. Nothing flashy. Just simple stuff.

What are your pre-raya activities? Do share...

All chipping-in...Macam getting read for kenduri ajer

Posing in front of the mini photo-booth made up of recycled envelopes

Raya-ly pranked

Heheheheh...never leave your station unattended.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hugs, kisses, tupperware and more

Being that my birthday falls on a Saturday this year and in the holy month too, I've received many advanced birthday wishes from friends and colleagues. Makan-makan sessions are not easily scheduled unless for berbuka. Most prefer breaking their fast with respective families at home...and I'm one of em'.

Apart from the customary birthday greetings and cards which I totally adore and grateful for, suprisingly I had received gifts too. Gift cards, tupperware, hugs, orders to schedule a berbuka-birthday session next week in my diary and more.

I've also received some on-time birthday wishes at 12 tadi from both my younger sisters. Boyfie called to sing me a birthday song too. Boyfie, you must thank my sisters because they were strict in making sure I only unwrap your gift at 12 on the dot.

Thank you all. I truly appreciate it. I honestly thought my 30th would be a somber one. A few days ago the nurse at my doctor's had to remind me that my birthday is tomorrow...eh eh...today. Doiiihhh...

Ohemgeeee...I am THIRTY you guys...


Thank you so much office-mateys...Now I can fill it up with loads of raya cookies...there goes my diet...maybe I'll fill it up with carrot sticks instead
Seeee??? Dah nak tido baru boleh bukak pressie
Courtesy of Boyfie

Sunday, 22 July 2012


Today was the day Jovian's second batch is out. So naturally I wait with the rest to try and get my orange Jova which I've been eyeing for ages.

Ohemmgeeeee...the crowd was a tad nasty today. I was among the lucky few who managed to get to the front and grab a Jova. Unfortunately I had to endure the crowd's non-stop pushing from the back. I wasn't the only one. The other girl next to me sampai terduduk atas the shelf. I would have been in the same position if not for my bummed ankle. Somebody got too excited and did yank my long hair though. My injured foot is a bit swollen from being stepped on. Arghhhhh...

All not for naught though. I came away with the Jova I wanted as well as the white Janelle. The pink one tak sempat tengok pun.

I don't think I can endure another round. Now I know how Simba felt like in the midst of the wildebeests stampede.

Not many pictures today. Sorry...

Crowd in the early Sunday PUASA morning
The beadings on Jova's shoulder