Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hugs, kisses, tupperware and more

Being that my birthday falls on a Saturday this year and in the holy month too, I've received many advanced birthday wishes from friends and colleagues. Makan-makan sessions are not easily scheduled unless for berbuka. Most prefer breaking their fast with respective families at home...and I'm one of em'.

Apart from the customary birthday greetings and cards which I totally adore and grateful for, suprisingly I had received gifts too. Gift cards, tupperware, hugs, orders to schedule a berbuka-birthday session next week in my diary and more.

I've also received some on-time birthday wishes at 12 tadi from both my younger sisters. Boyfie called to sing me a birthday song too. Boyfie, you must thank my sisters because they were strict in making sure I only unwrap your gift at 12 on the dot.

Thank you all. I truly appreciate it. I honestly thought my 30th would be a somber one. A few days ago the nurse at my doctor's had to remind me that my birthday is Doiiihhh...

Ohemgeeee...I am THIRTY you guys...


Thank you so much office-mateys...Now I can fill it up with loads of raya cookies...there goes my diet...maybe I'll fill it up with carrot sticks instead
Seeee??? Dah nak tido baru boleh bukak pressie
Courtesy of Boyfie