Wednesday, 18 July 2012


So sedey already. Rather than have the luxury of checking out Jovian's second batch tomorrow, have to wait for another three days...

Update: I'm sharing information with my potential competitors here but here's a crucial piece of info from Jovian he updated on FB

"Salam, Hope this answer everyone's questions :) AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT :
Yes, Jovian by JM will be released in few batch. 2nd Batch will be released on the 22nd of July ; ZALORA, FirstLady Boutiques Jalan TAR, SHAH ALAM, MALACCA, PENANG, & JB.
3rd Batch will be on the 29th of July. Which designs comes in which batch will not be informed. We want to keep on surprising you ;) 
Keep on following us here for latest update! Have a pleasant evening everyone."

I'm currently obsessed with his ready-to-wear line. Dunno how many baju rayas I'll be having this year...

I want this one
Ohh..maybe this one...
Nak juagaaakkk!

One fine day, in an anonymous group therapy session.." Hello everyone. My name is cheeky-kitty...and I can't stop buying Jovian's ready-to-wear line..."



  1. These are lovely right? Got my hands on 1 piece.. from zalora. still waiting to be delivered..

    1. janissa in green emerald. lucky you got 3 of them. i'm feeling lucky enough to have 1. do make a post of you wearing these on raya ok..

    2. Oh...that's the one my sis was eyeing for but no size left. Silap biler 3 terus...if I knew earlier of the different designs for the oncoming batches, would have rationed out my purchases. No regrets...but it would have been more cost-effective to my purse.

      Yes...I will definitely take pics of me in Jovian pieces for my blog. Do come visit my blog again soon...XOXO

  2. Yes...can't wait for the next batches. Different batches different designs