Wednesday, 18 July 2012


So sedey already. Rather than have the luxury of checking out Jovian's second batch tomorrow, have to wait for another three days...

Update: I'm sharing information with my potential competitors here but here's a crucial piece of info from Jovian he updated on FB

"Salam, Hope this answer everyone's questions :) AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT :
Yes, Jovian by JM will be released in few batch. 2nd Batch will be released on the 22nd of July ; ZALORA, FirstLady Boutiques Jalan TAR, SHAH ALAM, MALACCA, PENANG, & JB.
3rd Batch will be on the 29th of July. Which designs comes in which batch will not be informed. We want to keep on surprising you ;) 
Keep on following us here for latest update! Have a pleasant evening everyone."

I'm currently obsessed with his ready-to-wear line. Dunno how many baju rayas I'll be having this year...

I want this one
Ohh..maybe this one...
Nak juagaaakkk!

One fine day, in an anonymous group therapy session.." Hello everyone. My name is cheeky-kitty...and I can't stop buying Jovian's ready-to-wear line..."