Friday, 25 September 2015

He Got Soul

One day, on our drive home from work, my current fave song, Like I'm Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor ft John Legend, was on the radio. It has been my fave for the past few months and I am not sick of it yet. I was already singing along to the song. Nothing is as good as listening to one of your fave tunes to distress and end the day.

Moi' : Why won't you dedicate a song to me on the radio? Cheesy yes but at least it's agak romantic. Do I need to enrol you in How To Be Romantic 101?

Husbie: Hey, I can do better than that. I can sing for you!

 @______@"  (Oh God Nooooo!)

Husbie: (He starts belting one of his supposedly original songs)

"Air Pasaaaang Pagiiiiii, Suuuuuuruuuut Pukul Limaaaaaa" (To the tune of I'm Gonna Lose You)

Moi': Oh my gawdddd, please stooopp! Macam mix RnB and Nasyid!

Husbie: Muahhaahahhahaah

He got soul baby!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Corny Pick-Up Lines

So like most married couples, we have our respective spouses where we get to 'vent' our lame jokes and what would be our view of corny pick-up lines. Husbie is no stranger to it and even got one in our wedding vid...haiz...that will go down in our family history.

The most recent one was where I became the bud to his 'constipation' joke. Behold:

Husbie: B, have you ever heard of the movie 'Constipation'?

Moi': Whaa...

Husbie: That's because it hasn't come out yet...get it?

Aduuuuuuhhh...layan ajer la. I think I've heard it before but didn't have the heart to tell him.

So days later, I gave Husbie a try on one of those corny pick-up lines I got off 9Gag.

Moi': Yang, if you were vegetable, what kind of vegetable would you be?

Husbie: I dunno...

Moi': A CUTEcumber...


No exaggeration here, he actually laughed his head off. Even I cannot brain this 'lame' puns...usually I'd give this "You Serious?" look followed by a loud "Arghhhh".

Even the next day, during dinner, I was like "Yang, cutecumber!" and he was still laughing.

I guess he must really love me to still be laughing about it...or he is just one of those guys who love silly puns, lame jokes and corny pick-up lines.

I think it's both.

Happy Malaysia Day peeps!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kitty Care

Harloo? How was the long weekend?

Yes, yes, a few days in post the long weekend and work most likely already or in the midst of being wrapped up on a Thursday in preparation for the weekend begs the question to be quite redundant.

Nonetheless, no harm in asking right? Hope you guys had a productive/awesome/relaxing weekend! In my case, Husbie and I took a drive down to Kuantan to visit my mom and siblings. We spent a good time stuffing our faces and enjoying the weekend with the family. Paid our first visit to East Coast Mall. There only then I actually understood why my mother is always reluctant to shop in Kuantan. Their service was well, how to say, BAD! Husbie prefers to term it as "a tad laid back"...pfttt...ever the diplomat. I'd say it how it is. No point sugar coating it. That's another story for another post though.

We made our journey back to KL on Monday morning. Alhamdulillah, traffic was clear and we got in KL just in time for a hefty serving of tosei rawa for breakfast much to my sister's dismay (you see, she LOVES tosei rawa especially from this mamak place we usually go to and was not happy when I sent her a watsapp of a picture with three servings around the table with her missing out on all the fun).

Anyway, on the way back to our place, we dropped by my usual pet shop. Bought the usual kitty litter bags and other kitty care items. The little furkids are scheduled for Spot On this month. However, this time, we decided to splurge a little and buy the Cat-It Water Fountain and Jusz Spray Waterless Bath. 

The Cat-it Water Fountain is basically a water filter for the kitties and keeps the water clean and fresh. Encourages them to drink more hence discourages kidney related problem for the kitties. It holds up to 2 litres of water. My observation so far is that while most of them are adventurous enough to sip from the water fountain, some still prefer to go old school and drink from the one bowl I leave for them daily. I had too you see, if not they would meow for water and not drink. I couldn't make them adjust cold turkey. The water fountain is almost silent, once plugged in it does have a very low vibrating sound. It will take a while for my cats to get used to it.

For the Jusz Spray, it's mainly for the mommies and kitties. You see, before I managed to snip the 'cucus', two of them managed to climb on two of their aunties. So now I have 7 kitties available for adoption. Well, since it's that time of the month for their Spot On application,  Jusz Spray offers the best alternative to keep both mommies and kitties safe and clean. It's basically lavender oil and you apply dollops of it on the kitties and massage it in. If you feel the need to towel dry them go ahead. Brush through the tangled bits, if any, and waaallllaa!

Try it! Keep your kitties happy and home free from pesky critters!