Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Corny Pick-Up Lines

So like most married couples, we have our respective spouses where we get to 'vent' our lame jokes and what would be our view of corny pick-up lines. Husbie is no stranger to it and even got one in our wedding vid...haiz...that will go down in our family history.

The most recent one was where I became the bud to his 'constipation' joke. Behold:

Husbie: B, have you ever heard of the movie 'Constipation'?

Moi': Whaa...

Husbie: That's because it hasn't come out yet...get it?

Aduuuuuuhhh...layan ajer la. I think I've heard it before but didn't have the heart to tell him.

So days later, I gave Husbie a try on one of those corny pick-up lines I got off 9Gag.

Moi': Yang, if you were vegetable, what kind of vegetable would you be?

Husbie: I dunno...

Moi': A CUTEcumber...


No exaggeration here, he actually laughed his head off. Even I cannot brain this 'lame' puns...usually I'd give this "You Serious?" look followed by a loud "Arghhhh".

Even the next day, during dinner, I was like "Yang, cutecumber!" and he was still laughing.

I guess he must really love me to still be laughing about it...or he is just one of those guys who love silly puns, lame jokes and corny pick-up lines.

I think it's both.

Happy Malaysia Day peeps!

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