Thursday, 28 February 2013

A trip to Al-Humaira

Choosing headscarves in al-humaira is no easy feat. Rambang love love...

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Today is my last day of physio. Gonna miss my physiotherapists but I am finally relieved that I won't have to make regular trips to the sports medical centre. Pending final verdict from the doctor next week.
In the meantime, a standing ovation to the KLSMC gang.The team at KLSMC have been awesome. Thanks peeps!

Monday, 25 February 2013

What did you do last weekend?

I spent my Saturday by participating in my first culturerun class. The one I went to was on html and css...and it was FREE!!! How great was that?! Met new people, learn new things and had fun. An extra addition to your usual jalan-jalan with bfs/gfs and friends in kl malls. I definitely look forward to participating in more of their other classes. Classes range from cooking, public speaking, making your own jewellery and lots of other stuff. Maybe they should bring in somebody to teach us how to style our shawls/hijabs or other housewifey cleaning techniques 101?
Those interested, do check them out at Sharing is caring. Oooh, if you have any skill to share, contact them and spread the love...err
... knowledge.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Everyday is Happy "I love you's" Day

With the day off from work today, I scheduled for another hydro-physio session in the morning.

In the afternoon, I met Boyfie for a late lunch for some quality time. We've been caught up with things from work and home that sometimes we don't spend time together. Lately, especially, I have a feeling we've been chaperoned one way or another in our weekend outings...aiyaiyaaai.

The food at 38 at The Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur was awesomely perfect. The steaks were tender and juicy and not a single complaint to be had. We had a nice time "nyum-nyumming" with every bite...people two tables down might have thought that we were having orgasms at the dining table...hahaha...definitely a place to try...

Boyfie and I instagrammed and facebooked all the food we ate...Such jakuns yessss??? Hahahah...The view from the 38th floor was something not to be missed too...

Towards the end of lunch, Boyfie started recapping the things we went through for the past eight years. Me, being the sensitive soul, became teary eyed, looked away and asked him to stop. I love him but I don't think I can go through recapping the past. Being the stubborn one, he bulldozed through his speech anyway...

Boyfie  :  "What I'm trying to say is...will you marry me?"
Moi'     :  -______-... Are you serious?
Boyfie  :  Nods...
Moi'     :  Tears started flowing...I think I mumbled something...and then nodded... (According to Boyfie in between my mumbling I managed to get out a clear "YES!"...Thank goodness)

PICTURE TAKING SESSIONS...hahah...such Asians...

Once at home....

Moi      : Yang, we should have checked the wedding packages at The Grand Hyatt...then we can say to our children that this is the place you proposed to me...
Boyfie  : Yeah? You'll end up bankrupt just trying to pay for the event...
Moi      :  -_________- ( I guess I was pushing it...hahah)

Happy "I love you's" Day!

Updates, 17 Feb 2013

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

Ahhhh...nice view

Never had pea soup was good

Simple fare...but awesomely amazing!!! Whenever I want steaks, I will come to 38 at Grand Hyatt KL


Strawberry Sundae

"For meeeee???..."

Work work work...Kudos to the chef...

"Sawadikaaaap" or "Selamat Datang" ad...hahahahah...

Ola Amigos!

Hello, I have RETURN!

To my dear readers and followers, sorry for being away so long. With stuff going on in December 2012 and January 2013, I didn't manage to force myself to spend time in front of the lappie and write.

To recap:

December 2012

  1. I did my hair. It's been awhile since I had my very long hair and it was time for a change. Shorter than the last one I had, but I like it and most importantly Boyfie likes it.
  2. I had a blast in December with bestie's visit to KL! Maryam was frustrated with her failed persuasions to get me to Dubai and so she decided to come here instead. I had planned for four days of awesome quality time but unfortunately was ill for the final two. Bummer...(Do people still use that?...Hahah). So she left a note for me in the hotel she stayed in before leaving for the airport. She informed that there will be an envelope and some pressies at the counter to pick up. Only in early January did I manage to go to the hotel and pick up the items. I teared up just as I was reading her letter. Missing her already. Here are some pictures on her second day in Malaysia. We went for a day trip to Malacca.
  3. I had my first hydro-physio session. It was AWESOME! 
  4. I switched to Scholl sandals to support my arch. My injured ankle was much stronger and could support the slightly heavier sandals compared to my Ipanemas. First day using them gave me so much body ache and pain which then continued for weeks.
  5. New years? Nothing much. Just stayed home since I had a fever. Recapped my 2012's new year's resolutions while laying in bed...not bad but not good either. Will do better. I was a tad too over-ambitious last year.

All fresh faced from the air-conditioned car

Once at the top, we were like..." hawwwttt!!!"
January 2013
  1. My sector's family day in Sunway Lagoon. BORRRINNNGG!!! Couldn't participate in any of the games or go on any of the rides as I was still recovering and my physiotherapists had warned me not to go on any of the rides and roller coasters at the risk of further aggravating my injury.
  2. Doctor informed that I have another month to go for physio before he can let me go on my own. Happy, happy. Looks like I'm only left with Feb and I am FREEEE!
  3. AND FINALLY....JENG JENG JENG...I tendered my resignation. It is time for me to move on and I look forward to this moment. It was supposed to be kept confidential but after realising that the "secret" was out despite my request to at least keep it under wraps until March...I decided to break my own code. Better hear it from me rather than others...I had fun doing it too! No, it is not an act of me bragging around or being rebellious in anyway. It's purely having fun at my own expense...I no longer care how it got out (why stress yourself over useless things such as people's unprofessional behaviour which is beyond your control)...I'd rather press the restart button and start "kosong-kosong" as the Malays well put it. I've gained a lot from my work place and I hope I will be able to have the opportunity to apply it at my new workplace. 

Happy belated New Years! Happy belated Gong Xi Fa Cai! I will remain diplomatic and wish Happy "I love you's" rather than Happy V!

Happy Happy, Joy Joy everyone!