Sunday, 27 March 2016


Yesterday, my classmates and I were sharing information regarding the progress of our studies and how we're managing our books as well as the stress leading up to our upcoming exams.

The general take on our progress is that there are highs and obviously there are lows. Low moments refer to days where we're lazy or days where we don't study as much. For example, the past two weeks have been kinda slow for me.

Then somehow it came to how we're so stressed and worried, that those feelings had somehow manifested in our dreams. A friend of mine dreamt he failed his exams. Another was stressed because he's not dreaming anything. Hahah.

In my case, Hubs have reported me moaning and crying in my sleep. In fact, one morning Hubs asked:

" You mimpi aper semalam?"

"I don't know. Can't remember. Why?"

"Well, you were punching the pillow. Bertubi-tubi. Nasib baik tak tumbuk I."


This morning, around 6'ish, Hubs laughed in his dreams. Woke me up. Terus bangun, wuduk and sembahyang Subuh.

Exam aper pulak Hubs sitting for sampai gelak dalam tido?

Monday, 14 March 2016

Heat Wave

How are you all managing the heat wave?

I think most of us can expect the electric bill to increase exponentially with the fan and air-condition on most of the time. Where you can, try not to go out.

Running errands this morning was no picnic. It was just 10'ish and it was already blazing hot akin to the noonish heat. 

My laundry gets all crisp and dry quickly these days though so that's a plus.

Here's a picture of Stewie taking advantage of our air-conditioned room.

The rest of our house are only equipped with the usual ceiling fan. We're now contemplating getting one standing one so that we can either place it in the living room while we watch TV, bring it upstairs for guests or bring it to the study room while I dive into my books. 

Studying in this heat is soooo not fun either.  No, I'm not making excuses. Ok, maybe a little. But seriously I can't be sweating while trying to shove all those Orders and Acts in my brain. Urghh...

Stay indoors, limit outdoor activities and drink lots of water peeps. Supposedly, this hot spell will be worse this 20th due to the equinox phenomenon. 

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Too Many Eyes

Have you ever come across the phrase "too many eyes" on it or something?

Years back, when someone mentioned it to me, I understood it right away due to the current situation occurring back then. Basically it's one of the most common form of justification for an unwanted occurrence which has happened to you due to strong negative feelings, most likely from jealousy or envy, from another party.

Looking back, one can never be too careful and of course, it is definitely something you can always take in with a pinch of salt.

An image found online. Beware the influence of the green-eyed monster.

Whilst lounging on the settee this afternoon, the celebrity being interviewed on TV was explaining to the media on how a recent gossip was all about another party's agenda to ruin his reputation and how such acts were overboard in their efforts to bring him down.

Somehow it triggered my mind to this phrase "too many eyes" on it/object/subject/him or her success.

Jealousy or envy, is definitely a strong feeling that often than not, channelled wrongly, can drive a person to extremes just to topple the other person's success or good thing. Even the simplest and most basic thing can be an object of jealousy, be it for men or women. The object of such feelings cuts across the board from family life, workplace, the political arena to just browsing FB/Insta.

No one's perfect. Even the most god-fearing people have them. However, the smart ones would rather channel those feelings to drive themselves to succeed, do better and engage in healthy competition rather than by way of dirty means.

Those who claim they've never felt envious or jealous about something, don't fool yourself. At one point in your life, you have. It's one of the basic fundamental form of feelings and behaviour you develop growing up. It's how you manage it which defines you.

I recall years back, I was carrying my Salvatore Ferragamo handbag, a gift from my Boyfie then now husband, to one of my international meetings. Bear in mind, branded handbags and gadgets are common among delegates. All of us work hard and saved up to meet our wants. Nothing to brag about. Back then the bag was one of the most recent collections of course. Seniors and friends from other ministries commented on it. Of course I was pleased as it further affirmed Boyfie's good fashion sense and it was a gift to boot. Comes then this one lady. I can't recall her name. She was one of the young ones from another Ministry. She was particularly interested in the bag asking many questions. Being friendly and all, of course I indulged the ones that I considered not personal. She was very friendly as well. What sets her apart though was how she went on and on about it for quite awhile. While compliments from others were quick, simple and common, hers were, perhaps bordering "fake". Being positive about people I didn't give it much thought. I was there for a different purpose i.e. to focus on my negotiations with the other party for an international agreement.

Then, I noticed, though there were ample space beside her, she seemed to be inching closer to me. In my mind, I was already afraid her pen would leave a mark on my handbag. Lo and behold, she did. There, a spot on my purple bag, a line of blue ink in swiping motion. She apologised of course and I accepted without giving much thought. Once I was home I tried to clean it. It took several wipes and a few trips to the cleaners before it was totally gone.

Again, being nice and believing in all things good, I dismissed it as just one of those "ter" moments.

Only one or two years later, when another incident almost similar occurred to me, and a colleague mentioning how her culture and religion believes that "someone has eyes on it or too many eyes on it", I begun to take such things seriously. I think we Malays have a similar belief but I'm not sure how we phrase it.

This "too many eyes" phrase popped up recently again relating to how one of my belongings was damaged when I've never suffered any to my previous belongings in such a way.

The point is, when sharing news of success or a good thing, be careful. Though  you may have no intention to brag or maybe you do, one can never be too careful. Even among friends. That negative energy may not come from your friends directly but maybe friends of your friends? You never know. Even strangers and keyboard warriors have no qualms typing all those negative stuff online to hurt you. Cyber bullying is definitely rampant nowadays.

Have an awesome Sunday peeps...

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Right after my work out session this morning, I felt even more determined to grab life by the balls and make life even more better. Perhaps from all the 'torture' this morning, coupled with my Sia jam on the drive home, I feel all fired up.

A lot has been planned for 2016. Many of them are on track as well. There are days when I'm all geared up, there are days I feel like giving up. I have come to terms that there are good days and there are bad days. It's normal. The important thing is to not give up and spend too much time dwelling on those feelings and just keep moving.

This week has been emotional for me. 

A lot of rehashing my past with dire emotional setbacks. The pain will never go away. The difference is that I don't feel as lonely as much these days and Hubs is always there to drag me back here to NOW and push those sad times back deep inside.

Working out has definitely helped out a lot as well. However, my progress in losing weight is still slow. 

All will be good. Get it done NOW. Do it my way and on my own terms.

Here's a picture of my free Milo I got this morning with my breakfast. Supposedly, Subway is having a free hot drink with breakfast only for this month. Before, you'd have to add RM1 for drinks with their breakfast set. 

Irrelevant picture to my post today but I don't really like writing posts without pictures.

Take in every little good thing and love LIFE.

Monday, 7 March 2016

The Little Things

These days, I don't get too many off days. Unless I decide to be naughty and reschedule my plans and spend some time with Hubs of course.

One morning, I decided to make a simple fare of a breakfast for hubs. Sausages, toast, eggs, baked beans. Husband walked in the kitchen and kantoi'd what I was frying for him in the pan.

"Where did you get that?"

"Arghhh maaan. You weren't supposed to be in the kitchen. Dah lama dah. Got it when I went to New Zealand for my meeting."

He walked out of the kitchen laughing.

Why was he laughing?

Well...cos' I made his sunny side up in a shape of a heart.


This is a picture of his heart-shaped egg with wholegrain toast before plating all those beef sausages (his fave by the way) and baked beans. 

I try to show some love in anyway I can...big, little to the teeniest way I can.