Sunday, 27 March 2016


Yesterday, my classmates and I were sharing information regarding the progress of our studies and how we're managing our books as well as the stress leading up to our upcoming exams.

The general take on our progress is that there are highs and obviously there are lows. Low moments refer to days where we're lazy or days where we don't study as much. For example, the past two weeks have been kinda slow for me.

Then somehow it came to how we're so stressed and worried, that those feelings had somehow manifested in our dreams. A friend of mine dreamt he failed his exams. Another was stressed because he's not dreaming anything. Hahah.

In my case, Hubs have reported me moaning and crying in my sleep. In fact, one morning Hubs asked:

" You mimpi aper semalam?"

"I don't know. Can't remember. Why?"

"Well, you were punching the pillow. Bertubi-tubi. Nasib baik tak tumbuk I."


This morning, around 6'ish, Hubs laughed in his dreams. Woke me up. Terus bangun, wuduk and sembahyang Subuh.

Exam aper pulak Hubs sitting for sampai gelak dalam tido?

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