Friday, 30 January 2015

Aussie Day

Earlier in the week, J invited me as her plus one for Australia Day. This year is especially special being that Aussie and Malaysia marked it's 60th year of diplomatic relations. Australia and Malaysia has each respectfully earned its place as among the top 10 trade countries.

My main goal: FOOOOOD! I definitely filled this month's quota for fresh seafood and beef. Takder cravings dah...hahah...

And of course I enjoyed mingling with J's colleagues from the British High Comm, not to mention 'cuci mata' seeing all those Aussie Navy men (the young ones ajer yerrr). The power of networking. Met my old colleague from MITI as well, so good to touch base. 

The choir singing both countries' national anthems followed by some Aussie traditional ballads and melodies
Masuk-masuk dah nampak screen cantik nih!
Desert Station...didn't manage to get a taste since I was too full stuffing my face with all the other main dishes. 
This was the one I was waiting for the whole night. To take a picture of and with the HUGE tuna! Nih awal-awal lagi... 
Nih kejap ajer dah nak habis one side dah...fuhhhh!!!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Hindustani Lurve

We were watching TV when Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah's ad came on. He was doing a Hindustani bit, I assume, as one of the many examples a husband can 'woo' his wife.

Moi': "How come you never express your love to me in Hindustan?"

Husbie: "Hem...ppprrrrr....Ka...Kaaaaa"

Moi': "Ok, point taken."

Haiz, I think I need to enrol him in Romance 101 soon.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Flower Pots

One morning, I pointed out to Husbie how some have started planning their Valentine's this year.

"I want flowers this year."

"But you said you never want flowers. It's a waste of money and it dies easily. Besides, everything hikes up on that day."

"Yeah, true. So you better get me flowers by the 9th. 10th onwards florists will start hiking their prices up."

" How do you know? Maybe they'll start hiking their prices up sooner? Mana tau most people will be like you and exchange gifts earlier. "

"Argghh, I don't care! We can go to Sungai Buloh for all I care and purchase a bunch of flower pots!"

"Lagi puas...cantik rumah sikit."

[Yes, yeeeeess...plans are going according to plan. Now, pretend to be slightly miffed to finally get those damn flower pots on your lawn.]

"Hmppph...ok. Then biler gaji masuk, we'll go to Sungai Buloh k?"

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bursting at the seams

So I've been noticing how tight my pants have been lately.

I can zip up but I think my buttons are doing a scene from an action movie.


"Urghhh, I caaaann't!!!"

Yup, please excuse my imagination. Eitherway, you get the gist.

So to vent out my frustration, what better way than to drag my Husbie into it.

"We should better get our resolution to get fit this year underway."

"Urghh, eversince we got married we've gained a few kgs laaaaarr."

"I feel so fat! Taknak makan dah lar" (where we always end up eating anyway).

"I know what we can do for Federal Territory Day...Let's go to the gym!"

"Hurry up and enrol us in a gym already"

"Let's get active!"

Haizzz...kesian I kan? My advice has not gotten through Husbie's cute head.

Takyah kesian Husbie sangat. He needs the motivation from his loving wife...

Monday, 12 January 2015

Tips on posting up your holiday pictures

December/ Early January is usually the time you see many of your friends and family sharing their holiday pictures. I am one of those whom truly enjoy viewing them as it gives an idea how and where to spend my next holiday. Plus, looking at all those smiley faces enjoying their time gives off a good vibe...

Surprisingly, not many people know this, I recommend fb'ig or instagramming your holiday pictures AFTER that said holiday or once you're actually back home. Yeah, you may limit your account to friends and family but you never know who is actually viewing your profile. Advertising you're away from home is NOT a good idea.

The same concept applies to sharing your location when you're still there. Not a good idea. Even Paris Hilton shares location and pictures after she's actually not where the pictures were taken anymore.

Please stay on guard and be safe...especially us gurls ok?

Friday, 9 January 2015

A New Year Getaway - Avani Sepang Goldcoast

We began the new year with a romantic getaway.

Husbie planned another surprise with just instructions for me to pack for a two night stay. Unfortunately, he didn't specify that I should have brought a swimsuit. Now, lesson learnt, ALWAYS pack swimwear...ALWAYS!

Upon our arrival at the Avani Sepang Goldcoast, I was already snapping away and excited to see the room and tour around the hotel. Husbie was smart enough to request a room with an unobstructed view. The first night we were there, we managed to see the fireworks (I don't know for what occasion as surely new year celebrations would have been the night before) from the porch of our room. 

So it was a short weekend of hotel activities, chilling, relaxing and stuffing on seafood.

It's during the weekend at Avani I also discover Husbie's idea of a relaxing holiday is to laze in the hotel room and do nothing. I had to begged him to go for the Advanced Bicycle Tour in the evening. 5 minutes into the 45 minutes tour around the kampung he had started grumbling. 15 minutes in I was already scared because he had started cursing and complaining how we could have enjoyed the view from the car. Hahah! Fine, I concede that we're not as fit and the fact that the Tour Leader was not cycling at a leisurely pace did actually defeat the purpose of a leisurely cycle around the nearby kampung. Also, as pointed out by Husbie, the Raleigh bicycles were heavy. 

The other activity I dragged him to was the 'Colours of Malaysia' show the hotel staff performed that night. Seriously, we left after 5 minutes into the introduction. Shameful. A three man show presenting a poor dance performance supposedly representing Malaysian culture and here we have a Mat Saleh boy recording all of it on his Ipad perhaps to show it to those at home. Avani, if you're reading this, please put in more effort in truly showcasing our country! Ayooooo!

Seafood from the nearby Malay restaurants were yummy and cheap.

Overall, it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city without having to travel too far away from home.