Friday, 16 January 2015

Flower Pots

One morning, I pointed out to Husbie how some have started planning their Valentine's this year.

"I want flowers this year."

"But you said you never want flowers. It's a waste of money and it dies easily. Besides, everything hikes up on that day."

"Yeah, true. So you better get me flowers by the 9th. 10th onwards florists will start hiking their prices up."

" How do you know? Maybe they'll start hiking their prices up sooner? Mana tau most people will be like you and exchange gifts earlier. "

"Argghh, I don't care! We can go to Sungai Buloh for all I care and purchase a bunch of flower pots!"

"Lagi puas...cantik rumah sikit."

[Yes, yeeeeess...plans are going according to plan. Now, pretend to be slightly miffed to finally get those damn flower pots on your lawn.]

"Hmppph...ok. Then biler gaji masuk, we'll go to Sungai Buloh k?"

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