Monday, 12 January 2015

Tips on posting up your holiday pictures

December/ Early January is usually the time you see many of your friends and family sharing their holiday pictures. I am one of those whom truly enjoy viewing them as it gives an idea how and where to spend my next holiday. Plus, looking at all those smiley faces enjoying their time gives off a good vibe...

Surprisingly, not many people know this, I recommend fb'ig or instagramming your holiday pictures AFTER that said holiday or once you're actually back home. Yeah, you may limit your account to friends and family but you never know who is actually viewing your profile. Advertising you're away from home is NOT a good idea.

The same concept applies to sharing your location when you're still there. Not a good idea. Even Paris Hilton shares location and pictures after she's actually not where the pictures were taken anymore.

Please stay on guard and be safe...especially us gurls ok?

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