Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bursting at the seams

So I've been noticing how tight my pants have been lately.

I can zip up but I think my buttons are doing a scene from an action movie.


"Urghhh, I caaaann't!!!"

Yup, please excuse my imagination. Eitherway, you get the gist.

So to vent out my frustration, what better way than to drag my Husbie into it.

"We should better get our resolution to get fit this year underway."

"Urghh, eversince we got married we've gained a few kgs laaaaarr."

"I feel so fat! Taknak makan dah lar" (where we always end up eating anyway).

"I know what we can do for Federal Territory Day...Let's go to the gym!"

"Hurry up and enrol us in a gym already"

"Let's get active!"

Haizzz...kesian I kan? My advice has not gotten through Husbie's cute head.

Takyah kesian Husbie sangat. He needs the motivation from his loving wife...

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