Tuesday, 26 May 2015

When the wife forgets...

What do you do when you forget your anniversary dates?


I'm not that bad you know. I remember birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Well, there was this one time in our first year of marriage I was sooooo busy with work I didn't wish him, not even a peck on the cheek on the way to work for our monthly anniversary. That morning Husbie 'monyok' on the way to work...Hahaha

However, it seems Husbie even jotted down our engagement date. I jotted it down too just that I got the wrong date. I thought it was tomorrow when it was actually yesterday. So all the while we were watching Game of Thrones, petting the cats or watching re-runs of Saturday Night Live Jeopardy laughing our heads off, he didn't say anything???!!!

Until today...

Only when I watsapped to remind him that tomorrow would be our engagement anniversary he countered to say it was actually yesterday. I hurriedly scrolled down my old FB invites, FB messages and FB pictures to verify the dates... DEMMMM... all hail the power of FB.

So now, what do I do?

Should I try and make it up to him or turn the tables and play the 'Wifey Upset' game? Why upset? Cos' he too didn't wish me anything despite being fully informed that yesterday was our engagement anniversary!!! What was he thinking???!!! He is sooooo not getting away with this...

You owe me Husbie....yups, you heard me.

Happy Engagement Anniversary sayang. I'm not sure if people celebrate them but I don't care. I love you nonetheless and the date serves as a reminder of the ups and downs we had to face head on before embarking on matrimonial life.

Pictures for my engagement ceremony were taken by EDM Events and Photography. Those interested, do contact Yusry, he is on my FB. Otherwise, you can always check out EDM's FB or Blogspot. Services are spot on!

Friday, 22 May 2015

Wild in the Streets of KL

I just had my first turkey sighting in KL...right smack in the middle of the road.

You know how at times during rush hour, the police would set up those orange cones to divert your route. Well, mine took me through a mini kampung enclave in the city.

Smack in the middle of the narrow road, what I initially thought was a damaged umbrella being blown about by the wind was actually a HUGE male turkey in its attempt to impress another female turkey. Si female buat derk ajerrr... (yes, yes, play hard to get gurrrl).

No pictures obviously since I was driving.

Hmmm...yes, jakun city girl...can hear my mother-in-law teasing how JAKUN I am...

Thursday, 21 May 2015

First visit to UTC Keramat

Renewing our passport can be a chore when you have to take time-off from work. Not anymore. The Urban Transformation Centre (UTC) is definitely one initiative where all can benefit. For those of you whom are not aware of the functions of a UTC, it's basically a one stop centre for all key government services and private sector to the community in a city. In other words, you can visit one UTC near you and conduct various transactions with government agencies and the private sector all under one roof without having to go to different buildings for different transactions. After normal working hours some more whoaaa!!!

So after work, Husbie and I made the trip to UTC Keramat. Another good thing about UTC is that the building houses space for the local community to conduct their small businesses. Apart from food stalls, and since it was after normal working hours and most of them were closed, I did see tailoring services, henna shops and the like. Definitely an opportunity for our people to set up their small enterprises. It was also kinda nostalgic, it gave off that same feeling where my father used to bawak jalan-jalan at the shops near the Sungai or Teruntum Mall (tak ingat mana, nih main agak-agak the location) in Kuantan dulu when I was little, you know that small shops style lama-lama dulu. 

Anyways, back to the main topic here...

Dinner break is between 7-8pm. We got there at 8pm sharp and there was already a line. Since after normal working hours, gov agencies operate between 8-10pm, it's common sense they will limit the issuance of numbers for all. So get there fast and secure a number and of course, wait your turn.

Service in JPN is generally fast. Oh, and did you know they don't issue passport for 2 years anymore? All are standardised for 5 years. Also, there's no need for you to take pictures for passports at the photography shop anymore. They do it all there! Rugi my RM15...and some more my passport photo at the shop turned our cute with my fresh make-up and all that day...Hmpphh. Since I was not aware that all photos are now taken on the spot, you can imagine my sans make-up after working hours face....HUARGHHH!!! Lantaklar, asalkan dapat passport!

Easy peasy...

So no more naughty-naughty take time-off from work to renew your passport k?

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Which one should I get?

One of the British brands which I've been eyeing at for a while is Sophie Hulme. She made her mark with her A/W 2012 handbag collection and since then her collection reached worldwide status. 

I've been coveting for one of her bags, specifically her tote. I find her designs clean and sophisticated.

However, browsing her site more and more I'm not sure now whether I should get the tote, the bowling bag or the bucket bag?

What do you think?

Sunday, 3 May 2015

A Day Off

We took the day off during a weekday to just breathe, relax, do our chores and have some quality time together. We totally needed some time together after these past few busy weeks.

By noon, we completed our chores and made our way to Jakel. Raya dah dekat and we have not bought any fabrics for our 'raya sedondon' look. One of the sweetest things I find to do as a married couple is to have this 'raya sedondon' look. Padahal dulu dok pikir cliche' lar benda-benda macam nih. ;p

Our second time round in Jakel was much relaxed. Finally we were able to browse through all the fabrics with not many crowds bustling about. 

We weren't sure with what colour to go for this year. I wanted something metallic based. Nonetheless, I was open to other colours suitable with our skin colour and different from any what either of us had before in creating another year of happy raya memories.

Upon rolls of fabrics, we finally have our theme colour. Not gonna share it yet...wait for Raya yer...

On the way to the carpark, nampak lar promo Ariani RTW. My general take on Asian made ready-to-wears is that they don't cater to my bootylicious size. Tapi Alhamdulillah, dapat lar satu set. Either I'm gonna wear it soon or second day Raya. 

Worth a visit. Cantik jugak designs Ariani RTW and prices are ok. They're having a competition at the moment. Insya Allah will be one of my pit stops to shop for Raya.

Hujan dah lebat kat luar building. Kena cepat-cepat keluar KL to escape the jam. 

A very productive and enjoyable day off...definitely.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Almost midnight

"Just because"

That was his response when I queried about his 'almost midnight' surprise...

Happy nyeeeerrr...

However, I think my Husbie has to find another way of surprising me. I absolutely love and cherish the gifts, don't get me wrong, but it's always after the lights are switched off and when I'm winding down with my Ipad.

On the other hand, it speaks volumes on how hard it is to surprise me kan? ( A challenge perhaps for dear Husbie?)


Next to my asam jawa drink. The heat has finally gotten to my throat. Please ignore the pile of half-read books and magazines ... ;p
Who doesn't love it when your love one cherishes you unconditionally?
Loving my Stardust!