Tuesday, 26 May 2015

When the wife forgets...

What do you do when you forget your anniversary dates?


I'm not that bad you know. I remember birthdays and wedding anniversaries. Well, there was this one time in our first year of marriage I was sooooo busy with work I didn't wish him, not even a peck on the cheek on the way to work for our monthly anniversary. That morning Husbie 'monyok' on the way to work...Hahaha

However, it seems Husbie even jotted down our engagement date. I jotted it down too just that I got the wrong date. I thought it was tomorrow when it was actually yesterday. So all the while we were watching Game of Thrones, petting the cats or watching re-runs of Saturday Night Live Jeopardy laughing our heads off, he didn't say anything???!!!

Until today...

Only when I watsapped to remind him that tomorrow would be our engagement anniversary he countered to say it was actually yesterday. I hurriedly scrolled down my old FB invites, FB messages and FB pictures to verify the dates... DEMMMM... all hail the power of FB.

So now, what do I do?

Should I try and make it up to him or turn the tables and play the 'Wifey Upset' game? Why upset? Cos' he too didn't wish me anything despite being fully informed that yesterday was our engagement anniversary!!! What was he thinking???!!! He is sooooo not getting away with this...

You owe me Husbie....yups, you heard me.

Happy Engagement Anniversary sayang. I'm not sure if people celebrate them but I don't care. I love you nonetheless and the date serves as a reminder of the ups and downs we had to face head on before embarking on matrimonial life.

Pictures for my engagement ceremony were taken by EDM Events and Photography. Those interested, do contact Yusry, he is on my FB. Otherwise, you can always check out EDM's FB or Blogspot. Services are spot on!

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