Sunday, 3 May 2015

A Day Off

We took the day off during a weekday to just breathe, relax, do our chores and have some quality time together. We totally needed some time together after these past few busy weeks.

By noon, we completed our chores and made our way to Jakel. Raya dah dekat and we have not bought any fabrics for our 'raya sedondon' look. One of the sweetest things I find to do as a married couple is to have this 'raya sedondon' look. Padahal dulu dok pikir cliche' lar benda-benda macam nih. ;p

Our second time round in Jakel was much relaxed. Finally we were able to browse through all the fabrics with not many crowds bustling about. 

We weren't sure with what colour to go for this year. I wanted something metallic based. Nonetheless, I was open to other colours suitable with our skin colour and different from any what either of us had before in creating another year of happy raya memories.

Upon rolls of fabrics, we finally have our theme colour. Not gonna share it yet...wait for Raya yer...

On the way to the carpark, nampak lar promo Ariani RTW. My general take on Asian made ready-to-wears is that they don't cater to my bootylicious size. Tapi Alhamdulillah, dapat lar satu set. Either I'm gonna wear it soon or second day Raya. 

Worth a visit. Cantik jugak designs Ariani RTW and prices are ok. They're having a competition at the moment. Insya Allah will be one of my pit stops to shop for Raya.

Hujan dah lebat kat luar building. Kena cepat-cepat keluar KL to escape the jam. 

A very productive and enjoyable day off...definitely.

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