Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dinner at the Masterbutcher's - Me'nate Steak Hub, Ampang Jaya

We spent the day recovering from our flu, so after Maghrib, Husbie was determined to go jalan-jalan and not stay cooped up at home.

Ingatkan nak gi KLCC ajer, but Husbie decided to go somewhere he has been eyeing at for awhile whenever we have drinks nearby which is Me'nate Steak Hub.

Upon entering Me'nate, I can see that the restaurant very much had that "family-feel-good" ambiance with its simple and original decor. There are no doors to the restaurant giving off that statement that everybody is welcomed and that Me'nate is the place you can come over, relax and be comfortable.

You can either head on straight to your table and order off the menu where the waiter will present you the prime beef of your choosing at your table. The other option is for you to browse their freezers and choose the steaks yourself.

We had Me'nate's mushroom soup as our starter. We didn't want to be too full by the time our entre' arrived.

We both had the Grass-Fed Rib Eyes, medium well. I usually have my steaks medium-rare but this time round I decided to have it just the way my husband likes it. 

All of their beef and lamb produce are imported from Australia and halal.

If you have the urge to splurge, do try their signature Wagyu steaks.

The steaks are totally yummy. Even without the black pepper sauce, the steaks were cooked to our preference, perfectly seasoned and soooo good. The fat literally melts in your mouth. Dip or pour the black pepper sauce over the steak gives that boost of flavour to your meal. I feel that this is the only place where the black pepper sauce does not overpower the steak.

Over dinner, we didn't talk much. We were both too busy eating and enjoying our meal. The only conversation we had was confined to verifying how good each other's steaks were.

By the way, drinks are free flow and included in the price of Me'nate's steaks. I think that's another reason why families prefer Me'nate Steak Hub.

I opted for a warm cup of Milo to end my meal. Though from the machine, Milo sodaps whooaa...frothy and rich.

At the end of our meal, we were both very much satisfied and even happier that it was a meal that didn't burst our budget.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Growing my own Bali

It's raining now. Looking out the window, I see we need to trim the yard this weekend.

It takes me back to my conversation with my husband a few months back. Since we had not found a gardener back then, the yard was left a tad "bushy".

Husbie : We better potong rumput soon.

Moi' : Don't worry. In the meantime, with all these greenery, macam Bali. Time hujan we can pasang lagu gamelan and we have our own little Bali in our yard.

Husbie : I think our neighbours heard you. I rasa they're shooting daggers now.

Moi' : Pffft...you're exaggerating again.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I need some space

Years ago, I "met" Peter Walsh in one of Oprah's segments. Let's just say I totally agree with his decluttering ways and how it can have a big impact on a person's life. Decluttering does not only makes it easier to organise things in your home or brightens and lightens the "air", so to speak, but it can also affect the person emotionally.

In many of Peter Walsh's decluttering efforts, I noticed that people in his show will often experience difficulty and display emotional affection when sorting things into the different bins e.g. things to keep, give away to charity or simply to throw away. It's amazing but I guess all of us can relate to having some sort of difficulty of letting go of things we love.

However, always, after the sorting and decluttering process, the people seem happier and less burdened with all the stuff they've been hogging throughout the year.

In my case, I love decluttering. My mum instilled among myself and my siblings on the importance of "spring cleaning" our collection of toys and clothes etc.  However, this year I intend to declutter differently. How?

Well, I thought of giving mudah.my a try.

To my readers out there, do visit www.mudah.my and see what I have prepared to offer. I am letting go many of my pre-loved, not-so-old clothes or clothes I think I can't fit anymore. My old Jovian Mandagie's, Gap and Next winter clothing, M&S dresses, TM Lewin blouses etc. Prices range from RM10- RM200. Clothes sold and indicated as J Closet are basically from my own wardrobe.

Also included for items to be sold are boxes of wedding doorgifts. From the 1000 pieces of doorgifts I ordered for my wedding last year, I have some balance of which I'd rather sell off at a much cheaper price.


For the sake of space. Seriously...it's time...

So...buy buy buy...help me reclaim some space...!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Afternoon tea - Anya Hindmarch's Official Launch AW2014 collection #CounterCulture

I am a big fan of English brands and Anya Hindmarch is way up there in my list. I got my first Anya in July 2009 as a birthday gift from Boyfie now Husbie. Since then it has become a favourite brand of mine and the go-to birthday present by Boyfie/Husbie.

My husband and I were invited to attend an afternoon tea for the official launch of the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection in KL Hilton. However, since it was a work day and Husbie couldn't get away from work, with Husbie's permission, I brought Matt to accompany me for the event.

This year's Autumn/Winter 2014 collection is themed Counter Culture. A video showcasing the runaway show while guests dine were presented and I can admit my heart went overdrive all the while.

The star of the show are the cereal imperial clutches. The printed snakeskin miniaudieres ranging from Kellog's Cornflakes, Frosties to Cocopops are very much a fun way to spice up your wardrobe. 

Husbie's fave is the Smiley collection but sad news for the fans out there, it is sold out worldwide. The one clutch with the Smiley print is only for display and was sourced out from Tokyo's Anya Hindmarch. Uwaaaaa!!!

Nonetheless, I was very happy with the sample collection. Some collection are all ready for purchase while some are for pre-booking. Whatever purchase of the day will receive a 20% discount.

I was already going gaga between the Cream Custard clutch and the Albion shoulder bag. Maaaaaaybeeee... somebody can get it for me as a  Christmas present? Hint hint... :p

The crowd for the afternoon

The Imperial clutches
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Matt maintaining his cool while I go cray cray for this Smiley clutch.
Crisps packet clutches
Biscuits anyone?
My blue Albion shoulder bag....so pweeeetyyyy...
The Cream Custard I was eyeing a lot!
I feel good with the clutch...need to work on my pose though... :p

Friday, 5 September 2014

The (temporary) Tai-tai life

The journey of making a career change is no easy feat. It's difficult to divert from your comfort zone no matter how many transferable skills you have.

In the meantime, having the tai-tai life is not easy.

Oh..bohoo u say...

I'm generally not the type to wait patiently or stop thinking too much...so you can imagine the deluge of emotions I go through whenever whatever little time I have in between. It's easy to slip into depression or shame-boomerang mode and get even more frustrated. When I get into those moods, I hang on to whatever feelings I have for a few minutes, cos' realistically you have the right, and let it go (Cue Frozen soundtrack- Let it go). Then I go occupy my time be it by housecleaning, cooking or other house chores. Establishing a routine doesn't hurt either. Do not let yourself, mind, spirit and body, be idle. 

Lately, I have been organising my things and unpacking items from boxes to set up house. I'm also surveying for items that can best serve as storage for the things we have. One best bit of organising clothes, books, make-up and other stuff and having your own place to boot is that you can do it in whichever you like. In other words, I can take the time and organise my, I mean 'our', things as creatively as I want. I've been browsing tips and ways online and there are soooo many fun ways to do it. Slowly making our house a home we love.

I also spend my time sketching. Can't really divulge on the items I'm sketching until things really take-off, but starting to sketch again after a year off really gave butterflies in my stomach. Funny but I now understand the fear and anxiety one gets after not riding a bicycle for so long. 

I have a friend who has been chasing, reminding and pushing me to continue sketching but I was always somehow occupied with work. If I'm truly passionate about it, shouldn't I spend more time on it? Pftt...yeaaah!!! Now that I have the time, I love the designs and ideas that come flooding into my head and flows into my paper. We'll see how it pans out. Strategising and all the planning in the world on paper alone won't take off unless I take action to launch it off the ground.

Oh, and my month has been occupied with my other temp job...mak bidan to my cats. Whaaaa...tttt? Yes, I have kittens now. I left Mango, Jojo and Nelly at my dad's while we set up house and unknowingly, they became pregnant from my dad's American Short Hair, Oscar. I guess regardless of how much monitoring my sis took, Oscar managed to have his last Hurrah before he went snip-snip. My husbie and I naively thought Jojo and Nelly were merely fat and happy with moving back in with me. That was until I caught Jojo giving birth in my cupboard! Huarghhhh...my jeanssss!!! Nelly gave birth a week later. Ayoooo...mak bidan mode lar...aper lagi... Alhamdulillah, we have already found a friend who would love to adopt the kittens once they're weened off.

Ahhhh...the tai-tai life...Martha Stewart wanna-be, brunches and lunches ala socialite, couch potato moments, try not to mess-up the kitchen too much, anxious to launch a big project soon, mak bidan, babysitter, driver, personal shopper...another form of journey I have to take albeit only temporary...

Home-made sandwich...shoving loads of veges to make me feel less guilty for having a beef burger for lunch...:p