Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dinner at the Masterbutcher's - Me'nate Steak Hub, Ampang Jaya

We spent the day recovering from our flu, so after Maghrib, Husbie was determined to go jalan-jalan and not stay cooped up at home.

Ingatkan nak gi KLCC ajer, but Husbie decided to go somewhere he has been eyeing at for awhile whenever we have drinks nearby which is Me'nate Steak Hub.

Upon entering Me'nate, I can see that the restaurant very much had that "family-feel-good" ambiance with its simple and original decor. There are no doors to the restaurant giving off that statement that everybody is welcomed and that Me'nate is the place you can come over, relax and be comfortable.

You can either head on straight to your table and order off the menu where the waiter will present you the prime beef of your choosing at your table. The other option is for you to browse their freezers and choose the steaks yourself.

We had Me'nate's mushroom soup as our starter. We didn't want to be too full by the time our entre' arrived.

We both had the Grass-Fed Rib Eyes, medium well. I usually have my steaks medium-rare but this time round I decided to have it just the way my husband likes it. 

All of their beef and lamb produce are imported from Australia and halal.

If you have the urge to splurge, do try their signature Wagyu steaks.

The steaks are totally yummy. Even without the black pepper sauce, the steaks were cooked to our preference, perfectly seasoned and soooo good. The fat literally melts in your mouth. Dip or pour the black pepper sauce over the steak gives that boost of flavour to your meal. I feel that this is the only place where the black pepper sauce does not overpower the steak.

Over dinner, we didn't talk much. We were both too busy eating and enjoying our meal. The only conversation we had was confined to verifying how good each other's steaks were.

By the way, drinks are free flow and included in the price of Me'nate's steaks. I think that's another reason why families prefer Me'nate Steak Hub.

I opted for a warm cup of Milo to end my meal. Though from the machine, Milo sodaps whooaa...frothy and rich.

At the end of our meal, we were both very much satisfied and even happier that it was a meal that didn't burst our budget.

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