Thursday, 22 September 2016

Raya Haji di Kelantan

Hubs and I spent our recent Raya Haji in Kelantan. Overall, it was a good 3 night stay.

It's the second time I've ever been to Kelantan. The first time was with friends and we stayed at one of the hotels in the city. This time around, I get to experience the real kampung life.

To start off, the food was and is awesome. I am still sticking to my guns...the food here trumps whatever they have in Penang. I swear! I know I may be getting a lot of flack on this but I don't care. You don't know food if you have not eaten here in Kelantan.

Only one of the two sweet drinks I had in Kelantan. Above is the pic of the Teh Tarik Madu each of us had. Serious nampak menarik but damn sweet. Most of the time I survived on air kosong with my meals. Giler manis ar their drinks. Food kalau pedas pedas betul. Some say their food manis but so far I takder lar encounter any sweet nasi dagang or what not.

Pagi Raya Haji...hubs' cuz prepared her Nasi Lemak Meletops...She better bukak kat KL soon. Memang best!

Home-made tapai you alls. I was looking for some good ones during the trip. Terharu when both his cousin and aunt made home made tapais.

Nyummmssss...Nih his aunt's version of the tapai.

Benda nih some grilled etok which is basically a type of clam (not sure whether sungai or laut tho). Sedaps and berlemak. But damn susah lar nak bukak. Took me an hour just to peel three of those. Beli satu bag last last give up kasi the local relatives hentam ngan best while I looked on. Bohooo. Nasib baik gigi tak pecah masa nak bukak.

Colek Ayam is a must. Serious nampak simple but gawwwd...I shared with Hubs cos' jeans dah ketat tapi nafsu nak rasa tetap ada.

And a MUST MUST borong serunding, dodol and food stuff kat Pasar Siti Khadijah. Batik pun ada tapi taknak bore you with my Batik purchases. 

Oh, and jangan lupa makan roti titab kat kopitiam kita. Serious best. Roti, telur separuh masak, butter...waaah...meleleh air liur teringat. Mana nak cari yang best kat KL whoaaa.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Happy to be blogging again...

Hi everyone!

Gosh, I missed blogging so much. 

I apologise for not giving any notice of my brief hiatus. I was focusing on my studies and exams. After my exams, I then took my time enjoying my freedom. What better way to kick-off my liberation than by stuffing myself with good food and spending quality time with my husband, family and friends.

Gambar-gambar from bulan puasa, raya, birthdays and onward pun semua dalam camera lagi. Only those taken via my phone are uploaded on my insta and FB.

After two and a half weeks (post-exams), best to start 'adulting' again. Bummer...

And of course to start blogging again *Yay*

I'm still tired and overstuffed from our brief Merdeka trip to Melaka. Happy Merdeka Fellow Malaysians! It was good and a much needed albeit super short getaway with Hubs. Like any other trips, balik rumah lar baru rasa penat.

Please continue to read my posts. No pressure. Insya Allah I will publish more posts. 

Eitherway I blog for my own personal gratification. Dapat tak dapat recongnition takper. THIS is for me. Better be upfront about this, right?

In the meantime, here's a sneak peak of the entrance of the restaurant at the hotel we stayed during our super short getaway in Melaka. I absolutely love the tiffins. Floral is so in you know!