Friday, 29 March 2013

Choco choco

Last Saturday, A*, D* and I went for a baking class. Menu for that morning were Chocolate Truffle Tart, Marble Choc Cheese Brownies and Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Lots of fun. I totally recommend for people to enrol in Nicholas' class. He is awesomely funny and entertaining.

Being me, I must create some drama. It was my first time using a hand mixer...Sooooo...

"Arghhhh, the speed is too high!"
"It's not high! It's set at 1"
"Arghhh!!! (The bowl was spinning at this point)
"Hold the bowwwll"

Nicholas turning to my friends at the other side of the table who were busy mixing the chocolate mix.

"There's always a DATIN in the house"


-_______-  (Poor me)

Friday, 22 March 2013

Popular belief- Confirmed!

Much to my dismay and all women around the world, A*and I have contributed to the belief that women are complicated, difficult and fickle in making decisions...

" I'm not supposed to eat chocolates!"
"What's the difference between these (Box of chocolates A) and these (Box of chocolates B)?"
"Oh my gawdddd...I want theesseeee"
"Let's borong the whole store!"
"I'm not getting anything!"
"Let's just pay up before we change our minds"

After 35 minutes spent browsing through the entire Japanese fair in the Isetan Food Section, we only came out with these...

Popular belief confirmed!

Thursday, 21 March 2013


During lunch with co-workers yesterday, a stray cat came along to join us. It rubbed itself against our legs to get some attention. In an effort to make it stop, I threw some food to the side for the little one. Poor thing. Vacummed up the fish remnants in seconds.

However, we all went home with a little treat last night. I highly suspect we got some tick bites. My cats are indoor cats so I have never experienced such a thing. The first thing I did when I got home was to have a shower. Only then I went to feed my cats and apply the frontline combo on each of them.

I'm still experiencing itchiness all over my body as of this morning. Got some meds to help.
To new or potential pet owners, don't worry if such were to occur. Just make sure your cats are well protected and vacuum the house like crazy!

Banzaaaaaiiiii!!! ( Sental rumah ngan clorox, dettol etc!)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Bride-Race

To date, preparations for my engagement and solemnization ceremonies as well as the reception are well underway. There are more to be done but at least things are moving and some duties have been delegated. Two separate checklists have been drafted to monitor the engagement and solemnization ceremonies. Meetings with aunts and uncles as well contacts with MUAs, tukang inai, photographers and dais designers have been conducted and established. Things to put as hantaran have also been surveyed. Wedding blogs have been read for ideas. Alhamdulillah. I am very much thankful for supportive aunts and uncles as well as my Boyfie's strong emotional support.

Reflecting the time between the proposal and the time plans are well laid out, it was horrendous. My naivete gave the idea that the bride-to-be only worries about her dress and more or less enjoyed the preparations. Having practicality in mind, I told myself to prioritise five things only and let the others go. I am not expecting a perfect out-of-the-top wedding of the year, but after eight years of courtship, I want to at least be well prepared. I don't even care about the invitations...serious!!!

"Cakap mulut ker...nak potong manila card ker...don't mind"...was what I told my friend one day. Her face registered shock of course but seriously, why spend so much on cards people are going to throw away. If things were my way, I would have just ask my bro to design a digital invitation and go green.

In the first few weeks of post-proposal, I was not contemplating theme colours and what not. To the contrary, I was planning what colour the walls in my kitchen will be, what kind of oven and fridge I want. It's the post-marriage that counts right? Then 'IT' sunk in...nobody is helping me with the prep. No planning or any sort of discussions were taking place. Demmm...

Then came the time to get both sides to meet. It took a few weeks to get everyone's time especially my father who's very much busy with his campaigning. Alhamdulillah the discussion took off well and everybody liked the venue chosen to have the informal meet up. Dates were set, number of dulangs were discussed and processes were established. You would think that should offer a reprieve to the already-slightly-stressed-bride-to-be...Arghhh... WRONG!

"Yang, no need to have reception lar"

"Yang, kawin in mahkamah with two saksi cukup ar"


Poor Boyfie having to face my rantings. Everyday, the absurdity of ways for us to get hitch became even more absurd. I swear I felt, and literally was, soooo alone until Boyfie and I actually had a sit down with my Aunty E. Alhamdullillah, only then finally things were moving and surprisingly many of my aunts and uncles were excited to help. One of my sister, H, is already contemplating what cake to bake and put on the dulang. Friends were there too providing motivational and emotional support.

My message to all bride-to-be's who's feeling alone and overwhelmed, prepare to be your own strength. Take all of it in stride and face it head on. Do not expect everything to be perfect. When you are practical and already anticipate for things to be not perfect, stick to your list and the controls to mitigate any risks. Feel like crying? Cry hard and then move on. When you do feel alone, pray and syukur you still have family members, relatives and friends whom are willing to step in. Key is to prepare, prepare and prepare. Then delegate. All will need direction to avoid duplication of work and clear line of duties. Don't leave things to the last minute. Remember that you're not the only one getting married on your chosen date. Have back-ups. Leave the stragglers behind. Once you get that done, you can finally breathe...More stress to come but let it go. Just list out your five priorities and stick to it.

Here are some quotes to be used as affirmations in your time of need:

  1. "Murder is not an option"
  2. "This is no time to go ape-shit"
  3. "May the force be with you"...

If all fails, just go to the spa...