Saturday, 29 September 2012

A sweet flaw

Some just have the knack for it. On the other hand, there are those who aren't experts in giving or executing surprises. Yes, ladies and gentleman, Boyfie is among those described in the latter. Somehow you can just tell when he is about to surprise you. So far, in our eight years relationship, I had been truly surprised by Boyfie only twice...the rest were one of those obvious moments. One or two were the 'tak jadi' ones and I kena marah by him and pacify him...(smile). While I am generally oblivious to what present or object of surprise will be granted, I'll just know something is 'amiss'. Tonight was one of em'.

However, it is not something I don't like. In fact, it is just one of those quirks I really love about him. When faced with such situations, I would keep checking the back seat of the car or pretend nonchalant about it despite having seen the package on the floor board, hidden underneath an opened magazine. Tonight, he was smarter though. Nyorok the pressie bawah kerusi kereta whooooooaaa...hahahha....

A sweet flaw indeed...

The new J.K. Rowling book...STRICTLY for adults...I'll find out why soon....

Friday, 28 September 2012


How do you recycle a cardboard box?

Here's a suggestion...

I was watching the Budget 2013 by the way.

Taking the time...

There are plenty of things or occasions one should spare their time on. Take time to finally get your butt out of that couch and head to the gym. Take time to just sit down and reflect. Take time to pray. Take time to enjoy THE moment. Take time to paint,draw or sketch. Well, I finally got around to buat my baju. Bought the material since early March but due to my injury I couldn't walk to my tailor's near the workplace. That's why raya all instant loooorrr...

Bought one kain saree yesterday too to buat baju. It's not in the picture. We'll see how it turns out. Keep a look out on its reveal next month...

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sekitar Bulan Syawal 2012

Open houses, raya weekend gatherings and even more open houses...

1st Open house weekend....tu muka penat yerrr....malam tu pulak BBQ session at aunt's....wearing my  Janelle by Jovian
This year, we had Pertandingan Menghiasi Balang Raya to meriahkan lagi our departmental raya event. Participants were to decorate their respective cookie jars using whatever they can get their hands on within the department.
The other team posing with their work-in-progress
Vrrrooooooommmm!!! Kak O* doing her F1 stint in 'stealing' flowers to decorate her cookie jar
These girls were creative in crafting their own by recycling papers and old discarded ribbons
The display from the teams for our Director's decision
Wearing my Jemima by Boyfie's Open House
Whatever is a girl to do with all these makan-makan sessions? Dah puasa enam and tried my best to eat in moderation....and yet, with the amount of meat and food consumed, one is bound to feel...HEAVIER...compared to the feeling while one is fasting. So, I managed to drag Boyfie to the nearest Boostjuice to detoxify...HOW DO YOU DETOX???

By getting their WHEATGRASS shot of course...Boyfie geli cos' the smell of rumput was overwhelming...

Nyummmsss...RUMPUT goodness...hahahah
Errrr....wanna try sum?
 Offered Boyfie a sip...

Moi'    :  -________________-    ...Point taken...

Bottoms' up!
Perrrghhhh...a slice of orange to counter the delicious rumput flavour
Nasib baik laaaar dah ada bopren. With this picture, confirm SAHAM JATUH!!!! HAHAHAH...

Hope your Syawal was as good, if not better, than mine!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Last day

It's the last day for our two interns. They're very awesome guys whom are very kind,humble and funny. Not a single sombong trait among them. They definitely won the hearts of the Admin Unit and they are a bunch not easily swayed.The department will surely miss them.

Since we were full from the department's potluck, we went for dessert for lunch. Finally dapat merasa fondue haagen daazs. Biler lagi boleh order for a big group?

Mini choc ice cream dipped in hot chocolate and swirled in a bowl of chopped nuts
Finger-lickin' experience
The carnaaaageeeee

Department potluck, Thursday 300812

Do you recognise this dish?
It's my first time seeing and eating it. It' a kuala terengganu dish called Sekaya. Orang KL panggil sekayerrr. It's very refreshing and colleague gave me the recipe.
Adakah masakan ini yang akan memenangi hati in-laws?