Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sekitar Bulan Syawal 2012

Open houses, raya weekend gatherings and even more open houses...

1st Open house weekend....tu muka penat yerrr....malam tu pulak BBQ session at aunt's....wearing my  Janelle by Jovian
This year, we had Pertandingan Menghiasi Balang Raya to meriahkan lagi our departmental raya event. Participants were to decorate their respective cookie jars using whatever they can get their hands on within the department.
The other team posing with their work-in-progress
Vrrrooooooommmm!!! Kak O* doing her F1 stint in 'stealing' flowers to decorate her cookie jar
These girls were creative in crafting their own by recycling papers and old discarded ribbons
The display from the teams for our Director's decision
Wearing my Jemima by Boyfie's Open House
Whatever is a girl to do with all these makan-makan sessions? Dah puasa enam and tried my best to eat in moderation....and yet, with the amount of meat and food consumed, one is bound to feel...HEAVIER...compared to the feeling while one is fasting. So, I managed to drag Boyfie to the nearest Boostjuice to detoxify...HOW DO YOU DETOX???

By getting their WHEATGRASS shot of course...Boyfie geli cos' the smell of rumput was overwhelming...

Nyummmsss...RUMPUT goodness...hahahah
Errrr....wanna try sum?
 Offered Boyfie a sip...

Moi'    :  -________________-    ...Point taken...

Bottoms' up!
Perrrghhhh...a slice of orange to counter the delicious rumput flavour
Nasib baik laaaar dah ada bopren. With this picture, confirm SAHAM JATUH!!!! HAHAHAH...

Hope your Syawal was as good, if not better, than mine!

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