Monday, 27 April 2015

The need to be thankful

When I created my blog, I made sure that the core purpose of my blog was to serve as my very own happy jar, one that I can just log on to share my happy moments as well as to remind myself of those points in time in my life I was  and am actually happy.

It's not easy being happy. Being happy is very much subjective to each individual. Also, taking into account external factors, your happy trail would easily be disrupted or sidetracked. At times when things are really looking bleak, even the tiniest ray of joy could prevent you from breaking apart. I would honestly say to achieve happiness or peace, you have to work for it. Generally, you have to work for EVERTHING in life.

Those amongst you whom started following my blog since Day 1 would know not all my postings were happy happy joy joy stories, ada a bit of 'whiney' or 'merungut' moments...there was even one point where haters started to rear his or her ugly head. Biasalar...

Anyway, these past few weeks have been super hectic. Now, having a little bit of time to myself, I find myself contemplating how far I've went through and wow, the things I had to face. I've been called many names which were not complimentary, by friends, foe and even family members.  No point listing them will end up for strangers' scrutiny and what not. What good will that serve. Most likely a bitter reminder of how cruel and toxic people can be.

However, at this point of time, I find myself thankful and happy for all the things that have led me here, to this point in my life. I will take the joy and happiness where I can.

Aren't I jumping the gun?

Well, when then should I feel happy or thankful? When things have finally revealed to end perfectly? Or to take it one at a time regardless how everything turns out? I'll happily take the latter. Only Allah knows how things will turn out and so, in the meantime, I will enjoy the ride.

So today, and hopefully everyday onwards, I am and will always be thankful.

Insya Allah.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

A little covert operation

Preparing for bed. Pillow nicely placed under my head and neck. My huge bantal peluk on my side. My ipad to read my online manga. All ready...

"Goodnight sayang", lights off.

"Ehhheemmm, eheeemmm"

Something sharp just poked me at my elbow.

Ignore while moving my elbow away.

"Ehheeemmmm, ehhheemmm" (louder)

This time it's poking my back.



Hahahha...I think he's getting a little too comfortable in giving surprises after all lights are off. He's current method of covert operation.

Damn the edge of the box was sharp.

Thanks sayang.

p.s. Dear readers, get your head out of the gutter...hahaha

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Some Rambo Action

One very sunny afternoon, as I was on my way to meet Husbie for lunch and crossing the street, a guy in a blue shirt on a motorcycle spotted me and slowed down. Mind you, the moment I hear motorcycles roaring nearby, I get extra antsy and make sure my handbag is on the opposite side of the oncoming road.

He kept looking...

I was nearer to the road now and he's further down the road, but still kept looking back towards me...ok, ok, chill...

He kept on looking...

Woi!Motor dah jauh pun dok sibuk tengok tu apehal...aku tau lar aku cantik tapi I don't think I'm THAT gorgeous!

He had started to make a U-TURN

Oh S**T...

I crossed the road ASAP...masuk celah bushes sikit...selit between some trees...and made it into my car. Nasib baik Pakcik dalam van kasi lepas dulu...


Sekarang don't play-play, siang terang-benderang pun people are still up to no good. Girls, be extra wary and vigilant of your surroundings. Guys, don't think you're unlikely to become a target. Criminals nowadays are bold, super desperate and just don't care. Your life is something they're willing to sacrifice for a measly few bucks.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Jane Iredale - The Skin Care Makeup

So, recently I had the urge to mix it up and add some mineral makeup to my current collection. I'm generally very picky with my makeup and my collection is rather limited. I believe there's no point having too much and wasting makeup. Plus, this is my first time using mineral makeup.

First impressions? Very light and I feel my skin can breath through my application. Though all of them are very nice, I am super in love with my sugar and butter lip exfoliator and plumper. The sugar is edible tau but I don't think I'll be munching on the brown sugar stick.

Kalau nak beli, you can get them from Evon at Davon's. Try lar...time panas-panas nih best pakai lighter makeup.

Clockwise: Amazing Base-Loose Mineral Powder; Liquid Eyeliner; Smell the Roses Hydration Spray; Sugar& Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper; Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener; and Liquid Minerals Foundation.

The Lacking of Soft Skills and PR Among Our Peeps

My view is that at times,  as part of our "working hazards", we do get close encounters with those I consider unprofessional, no decorum or respect for others. We're talking about (assumingly) educated people tau!

"No need to set up meeting with my Boss or Director. We decide and WEEE recommend!" (Alternatively, I can recommend you rephrase your statement to "You're very much welcomed to do so. Do you have his/her PA's number? However, for your information, our internal process is where XXXX")

"What for? I don't have time to send your document! I don't now where I put it"
(Hmmm, you can say it a more diplomatic and nicer way lar woman! Plus, not knowing where you've placed a document shows your inept and inefficiency in organising your work)

Talking to my friends about it, it seems that this behaviour is very much widespread across industries in our country. Bankers dealing with corporate clients with over RM50mil nettworth boleh hentak-hentak phone and berteriak at the client. Customers criticising products openly but later on kata suka pulak. Have we become so desensitized in dealing with people? Pelik-pelik.

PR and soft skills are key in maintaining rapport with people regardless ada relationship or not. Whereever you go, you are the face of your firm/company/business/family etc.

I think orang stress sebab GST kots...Maybe tak cukup sumin sumin at home kots...

You know what, I can continue over-analysing it and sooooo many "kots" will come up...I don't care if you have to do it with a tree to take the edge off! Cakap tu elok-elok. I have to remind my staff that when encountering such people, we shouldn't lower our class to such uncouth people. Just maintain our cool and tone when speaking. If need be, be firm and cut the conversation short. These kind of people are insignificant. There will be a time when we will be the ones to one-up these kind of people.

p.s.: By the way, these kind of behaviours in all recent occasions were exhibited by WOMEN! Shame on you! Booooo!