Monday, 27 April 2015

The need to be thankful

When I created my blog, I made sure that the core purpose of my blog was to serve as my very own happy jar, one that I can just log on to share my happy moments as well as to remind myself of those points in time in my life I was  and am actually happy.

It's not easy being happy. Being happy is very much subjective to each individual. Also, taking into account external factors, your happy trail would easily be disrupted or sidetracked. At times when things are really looking bleak, even the tiniest ray of joy could prevent you from breaking apart. I would honestly say to achieve happiness or peace, you have to work for it. Generally, you have to work for EVERTHING in life.

Those amongst you whom started following my blog since Day 1 would know not all my postings were happy happy joy joy stories, ada a bit of 'whiney' or 'merungut' moments...there was even one point where haters started to rear his or her ugly head. Biasalar...

Anyway, these past few weeks have been super hectic. Now, having a little bit of time to myself, I find myself contemplating how far I've went through and wow, the things I had to face. I've been called many names which were not complimentary, by friends, foe and even family members.  No point listing them will end up for strangers' scrutiny and what not. What good will that serve. Most likely a bitter reminder of how cruel and toxic people can be.

However, at this point of time, I find myself thankful and happy for all the things that have led me here, to this point in my life. I will take the joy and happiness where I can.

Aren't I jumping the gun?

Well, when then should I feel happy or thankful? When things have finally revealed to end perfectly? Or to take it one at a time regardless how everything turns out? I'll happily take the latter. Only Allah knows how things will turn out and so, in the meantime, I will enjoy the ride.

So today, and hopefully everyday onwards, I am and will always be thankful.

Insya Allah.


  1. You need sadness to understand happiness. You need lack in life to understand thankful. The negatives are not that bad, else we wont understand the positives...

    1. Hi Ri Stranger. Thank you for visiting my blog.

      Yes, I agree with your views wholeheartedly. No matter how bad things may seem, there is the 'hikmah' behind it.

      However, I do believe, though may sound impossible to some, due to continuous sadness or grief, that person may have forgotten what and how to be happy again. All positives in life are difficult to detect and the negatives are somehow even more significant in the person's eyes.

      Those negatives in life will cause anger, anguish and extreme pain, but one will learn, eventually, to brush off the dust and grime and get up.

      Insya Allah...