Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!! Purge, Declutter and Spring Clean!!! Welcome 2012!

Today, the idea was to start off with a mammogram to welcome the new year since my gym's joining fee was waived and in its place I was given a voucher for the mammo. sent me home ok? I didn't know that mammo's are for those above 40! What the heck...I'm gonna tell off my gym! They told me it was OK!!!

Then came back home and started on my mountain of laundry, specifically those that can be machine washed. Those which need to be hand washed have to wait. Nonetheless, I do intend to tackle it sikit-sikit in time to usher a fresh and clean start of 2012. Going up and down the stairs to bring my laundry itself already took a toll on my foot. So, instead of beginning to purge..I took an afternoon nap instead. Bliss!!! I feel like one of my cats purring while sleeping.

Only now, at precisely 10 p.m., I'm able to focus on decluttering my very messy room. During such occasions, I thank Oprah (THE woman behind all good things), Nate Berkus (tips on designing your room and maximising space) and especially Peter Walsh for their tips in decluttering (Purge, purge, purge). For tips, you can refer to the link below. Very useful. To know more on decluttering, you can also visit Peter Walsh's site.

From Oprah's shows in the past, I've learnt not to overwhelm myself in organising and decluttering. If you find the chore too daunting, do one room at a time. And most useful of all is Peter Walsh's BIN system in helping you purge those things not needed. Sort things between those which you are using and don't need anymore. You will feel free and breath easily! Another key aspect is to be tough and quick to decide in purging. No point in holding to clothes that don't fit you anymore. He also points out that by decluttering, you will also in effect declutter emotionally. I, myself, find decluttering very therapeutic. Issue right now though is that it takes more time with my injured ankle.

I also go crazy over storage collections by The Container Store. Once I told Boyfie that if we ever manage to visit US one day, The Container Store must be our first stop!!! Boroooonnnggg...See for yourself!

Off to declutter!!! See you next year!!! Hello 2012!!!

Finally, BOYFIE makes good on his promise!!!

I guess as a reward for being a brave girl at my fourth PRP, Boyfie finally decided to take some time off and bring me to OU. Good!!! As I really wanted to take advantage of the mega sales and purchase some things I've been wanting.

One Utama has changed so much!!! Isetan is opening up soon (first half of 2012). The shops in between Jaya Jusco (JJ) and Parkson are also great. JJ sales are super awesome by the way. Coincidentally, the day we decided to go to OU was the day JJ was having their JJ Fiesta whereby for every RM100 spent, you get one free RM5 voucher.

Boyfie: "Fuuuhhhh...macam orang dapat barang free"

                                    - ______________________________-

Nasib baik pergi OU pagi-pagi...if not, sure takkan dapat wheelchair...

PRP Treatment_Round 4

Apologies for the late posting...I had my fourth PRP treatment last Tuesday, 27 December 2011. OMG, as usual...PAINFUL AS HELL!!! Again, I ended up crying...Boyfie was awesome sticking by me in the room. The Doc was awesome too...very patient...and has a very good sense of humour...he always manages to make me laugh after every painful ordeal.

You would think that by now I am used to the pain and can handle it better. Well, let me pose this question..specifically to men reading my current posting...If I kick you in the balls for the first time, and then I kick you again in the family jewels for the second time, are you saying that you can handle the pain better??? I think NOTTTT!!!!

One more round to go...NEXT TUESDAY, 3 January 2012. Even after the last round, I will still need to be on crutches.

Movie Melayu...Sunday, 251211

Refer to my earlier post where I mentioned I declined BF's invitation to go out last Sunday.

Well, that evening itself my BF persuaded me to 'teman' him and the family to watch... OMBAK RINDU! For those who knows me well, I generally don't watch Malay movies. Very rare larrr... in my life, this is the THIRD time watching malay movies in the cinema.

My verdict? Not bad. Keeps you glued to the screen...I already have my two fave lines from the movie I intend to use against Boyfie when it suits me...heheheh...

Fave line #1

Fave Line #2
"Redha itu ikhlas. PASRAH ITU MENYERAH"


P.s: Did you guys know that in Kelantan, there are no cinemas AT ALL??? I thought they do with the exception that the cinema lights are left on so that no risk of indecency occasions occur. Hmmm...

Friday, 30 December 2011

Nasib Si Blackie

Today was an awesome day well spent with Boyfie. However, the day ended with me thinking of the fate of a certain black kitten we saw in the middle of the road on our way home, fearing for its life, at the junction between the exit of One Utama New Wing and Bandar Utama. The cars were kind enough to drive slow and avoid it. It seemed disorientated and lost...

Both Boyfie and I pitied the kitten. It didn't look like your average street kitten. More of mixed with persian. I doakan if it's lost, somebody or its mother would have found it. Boyfie was driving and couldn't stop the car as there were many others behind us. Even if we stopped, with my banged up ankle, I wouldn't be able to help in giving chase to the kitty which most likely is scared of its strange environment.

I'm still thinking of Si Blackie. Can't sleep. May the kitty find its way home safely. For tonight, via FB, I've appealed to the Kucing and Anjing Jalanan Community to post an alert on their wall and ask nearby residents to keep a look out and if possible, pick it up and offer safety. That's the best I can do for now.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Freedoooommmm???!!! Truly shortlived...haiyaaahhh

After much pestering from yours truly, Boyfie finally gave in yesterday and brought me out for some quality dating time, other than just the time usually spent from him accompanying me to my PRP treatments and nearby shops. Destination? At first we wanted to go to Pavilion but with the heavy traffic heading there and their parking bursting with cars, we went to KLCC instead with a pitstop at Delicious for lunch.

Boyfie's Banana Strawberry Chocolate Shake was delisshhh...
Lunch anyone?
How was my excursion to KLCC? Well, on the positive side, I was happy to finally be out of the house. The rest sum it up..BIG MISTAKE!!! Their wheelchairs were all out that day. I had to go around and squeeze myself through the crowd using my crutches. The floor was rather slippery at certain spots and I almost fell. Twice I got my crutches kicked and on three occasions I almost got my right foot i.e the injured one stepped on. As I was too tired going around with my crutches, I didn't have a chance to go shop for some new clothes or shoes. Everything is on sale and I will miss them all. I was not able to enjoy my outing at all!!! I would have gone to the malls on a weekday where the crowd is smaller and the chance for me to get a wheelchair is better, but Boyfie can't take leave and weekends are his only free time. I've contemplated going solo but what if when I get to the chosen shopping mall, they are all out of wheelchairs? Then there would be nobody to help me carry my things and I'd just have to turn back after wasting much time, petrol and parking money.

At the end of the day, I ended up with an even more swollen ankle (this was because certain circumstances during my outing necessitated me walking on my own two feet). Bad enough that it was difficult for me to even take out my ankle support to wash my feet when I arrived home late last night. I had to sleep with an ice pack on my right foot. Serves me right cos' GATAL sangat nak berjalan.

Today, even after Boyfie tempted me with the idea of going to Pavi with his cousins from KB and us trying very very hard to find a wheelchair, I just had to give it a miss...Sedeeeeey sangat...but I just can't risk it. Plus, I didn't want to kill their fun by slowing them down. time perhaps I can jalan-jalan more with you guys... Have fun!

Some tabloids purchased yesterday to keep me company on this lovely Sunday
Lucy and Lola eager to keep me company
Mango lazing nearby

Santa Who?

Last Friday, I drove to the office to check in some things as well as to attend our gang's christmas dinner. Every year, a bunch of my friends from the office and I would get together for makan-makan and exchange gifts. Yes, I know with the condition of my ankle, I should have just skipped it. However, I really needed to complete something at the office before the end of the year and more importantly I REALLY NEEDED TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

Yes, the drive to the office was a tad bisa. And my office is not really OKU friendly...but it was all totally WORTH IT! It's been awhile since I last saw my friends and co-workers and I truly missed them. My entrance in the office was greeted by questions and "alllllaaaaa" or "kesiaaannnyeeerr". I got all flustered and malu over their attention. Truly happy nonetheless. After attending to certain things at the office, my friends and I proceeded to our nearby clubhouse for the christmas dinner.

Fun, fun fun!!! We laughed and enjoyed each other's company. Thanks peeps! You guys really made my day!!!

My Laksa Johor

Doulos new huge pencil.."Dear Pengarah...For your consideration, please."...Hahah
A very happy father-to-be 
Sujen's mini fan that looks like ultraman

Thanks Aimi...totally loved my "jamban"...hahaha

Saturday, 17 December 2011

PRP Treatment_Round 3

Round 3 of the treatment is done, Alhamdulillah. Two more rounds to go. Doc says even after the final PRP procedure, it will take some time to heal. So, please, bear with my limited movement for awhile. The swelling and pain are still there, but clinically, the condition of my ankle has improved.

About going back to work, maybe in a few weeks time will I only be allowed to do so. According to doc, total at least 6 weeks off work! Yikkkesss!!! Even then, I would have to be dependent on crutches. At least 4 -6 months, no high heels. Come this Wednesday, I will be using another type of ankle support to facilitate the healing process.

In the meantime, I am bored at home. Slowly organising things at home, blogging, reading books, watching TV, spending more quality time with my lovely cats and recently, started to scheme some clever ways to torment a certain black and white stray tabby that keeps coming into the house compound and creating a ruckus among my kitties who are inside. Jaga YOU!!! I am gonna have a bucket of water near the window (not too heavy of course since I shouldn't be carrying heavy stuff) and simbah kat you!!! Tadi shuh shuh pun continue peeing at the front porch. GGGGrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

I do realise the pic depicts a black cat but I couldn't find one of a black and white tabby annoying me for fun
Picture courtesy of

Flats for work wear? Dah lar nanti kena pakai kaki sebelah ajer. I've worn flats to work before...they're OK but I still like my sexy high heels...

Thursday, 15 December 2011

What's up, Karipap???

I just want to take this opportunity to voice my concern over the programmes being aired in TLC and other channels under ASTRO these days. Mainly it relates to how much food-related programmes are being aired these days. All I see on TV are shows on food, food and more food. Yeah, I like food just as much as the other person but have we lost interests in culture, beauty and other wonders of the world? Yes, food is part and parcel of life and is also one of the elements that one must try in getting to know the country they opted to visit. But what about other things? Art? Culture? History? Architecture? Nature? Adventure? What about staying active and loving life? Tips on places to visit and things to do when visiting extraordinary places? Not everything has to be about food!!! Malaysia's obesity rate is increasing and airing more food programmes is not helping. Yeah, it does give suggestions on cooking your own home-cooked and healthier meals etc. But what it does is that it makes people think about nothing else BUT food.

Yeah, you can easily say that if I don't like it, why won't I just switch channels or switch off the TV totally? Well, for one thing, switching channels is not an option. Other channels are also airing food-related programmes. Switch off the TV? Yeah, I've done that too...but at times, we normal people do need some TV time. (By the way, I do read books etc too...just in case people want to take the opportunity to tembak me there...sheesshh).

So please...bring some art, culture, and beautiful landscapes and travelogues to the TV. Keep a balance between food related programmes and those programmes to inspire to get out of their comfort zones.I hope my appeal does not fall onto deaf ears... :(

Beautiful Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Gyeonggi-do, Korea
My dream to one day visit the original and first flagship store in Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Paris, meeting  Monsieur L. himself and him customising the most perfect pair of red shoes for moi'!!! (at a special i.e. you're my chum-chummy, so I'm giving you kasih sayang price...hahaha)
Picture courtesy of

The original CL flagship store...
Shopping is a girl's fave thing to do in a foreign country...FASHION or a taste of it is lovely...Pic displays H&M Spring 2011 Collection...cute!!! My kryptonite are shoessss!!!

Malay wood's a sad thing that not much effort are shown to preserve our soon-to-be extinct arts

Rama-Sinta Javanese dance

The Apartment Finale

Yaaayyyy!!! Sayed and Rodrigo won! Congratulations to them and all the best...YAaaaaayyyyyy!!!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

IIUM Certificate in Islamic Law Class 2011 Mini-Convo_3 Dec 2011

Finally, the day had come for my convocation. I have been anxiously waiting for the day I officially receive my certificate for almost a year. Unfortunate for me, I received it while I'm still in my crutches. Fortunate for me, I had plenty of friends and colleagues who were willing to help me get on stage.

Although it's just a certificate, I am happy and satisfied that I opted for it despite NO SUPPORT from anyone except for one. I can say that whatever it is, I had done, tried and most importantly, completed it.

I am proud of myself for attending the mini-convo despite my current condition. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

p.s. Perhaps from exceeding my "walking quota" for the day, the minute I reached home I had my fever for three days...ahaaakkksss...again, no regrets there!