Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sarawak_4-7 Nov 2011: Day 4 (Final)

On the morning of our final day in Sarawak, nothing to do except to have a leisurely buffet breakfast, pack and add on extra souvenirs from the hotel's gift shop. We also, FINALLY, managed to get a pcture at the infamous cat statue. Though very windy morning, I declared to the girls that we won't leave Kuching without pics in front of the statue.

Summary tips for those going to Sarawak:

Best way to get there- flight
Personally, if you have the luxury of time, get flights via MAS. By booking in advance, you'd get it at a good price with all tax and in-flight meals included, with a luggage limit of 20kg. Besides, I feel that the take-off and landing by MAS are, most of the time, nicer...

Unless you are familiar with the roads in Kuching and other tourist spots surrounding Kuching, be prepared to channel most of your cash on cab money and hired tours. If you're travelling with friends, get around 10 people on board and you guys can divide between youselves on the hired tour/chartered van.

In my case, there were only the three of us, so we hired a cab and lucky for us Mr Eugene is an expert in tourist spots.

Riverside Majestic and Grand Margherita are situated near the river, with the Bazaar, Dayang Salhah and Top Spot located nearby. Prime pickings for those who wish to have the important basics nearby. Oh, and malls such as Parkson and their local supermarket are attached to the hotels so it's easy for you to buy mineral water and other minor things to make your travel more comfortable.

Our choice of staying in Grand Margherita was the best pick! Service, food and all are very good. Though you can give the spa treatment there a miss!!! Bluaarghh...such a shame

Places to visit
A definite must for tourist to go and visit the orang utans in The Semenggoh Wild Park. I definitely can't comment more on Semenggoh as we opted it out from our itinerary.

For those who love shopping, Serikin is good for souvenirs and telekung, etc, other items from across the border. Pasar Satok for dried fish, more souvenirs and fresh fruits on the go. Dayang Salhah for your kek lapis. And the bazaar is a definite must for more cute souvenirs.

The Cultural Village- Two thumbs up! Not to be missed!!! Such fun

The Caves-  For those who has never done it, time to get out of your comfort zone and dive right in!!! Truly an experience.

If you're lucky with no bad weather to hinder your plans, definitely visit the city's museums.

Must-haves in your handbag
  1. Poncho/ Mini umbrella (especially if it's Nov/Dec i.e rainy season)
  2. Bottle of mineral water
  3. Strong torch light for those who wish to go caving
  4. Camera!
  5. Cash, cash and more cash! (Everywhere in the world, travelers are advised to take caution against pick pockets. Same caution to be taken here too.)
Must-haves in your luggage bag
  1. Indigestion meds/ Minyak halia Mustajab (to get rid of that "angin" when your tummy doesn't feel so good)
  2. Other basic meds such as cold meds and panadols
  3. Camera battery charger
  4. Extra memory-card for your camera. My 20GB was not sufficient.
Final personal tip
Most of the time, using the people trail does reap good results. Try it! You get more info on the destination you're visiting and get the local perspective on which are a definite go-to and definite can-be-missed tourist spots.

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