Saturday, 10 December 2011

PRP Treatment_Round 2

Just had my second round of PRP injections this morning. The pain on my ankle has definitely lessened and my ankle is not as tender as before. Also, I managed the pain better this time. No screaming this time round due to a few minutes of meditation time and my request for Boyfie to cup my mouth the moment the doc was near the bed. The 400g of Celebrax before the treatment also was a life-saver.

I haven't been updating anything in my blog due to my on and off fever. Glad doc confirmed that it has nothing to do with the PRP procedure as he doesn't see any infection or inflammation to my foot. Phewwwhhh...

Again, Boyfie accompanied me to the appointment. He's already at the stage of threatening to kick my crutches and stepping on my injured foot if I ever stress him out....Argghhh, I am sooo000 gonna get him after all this PRP rounds are over!!!

Three more rounds to go...counting the days where I can properly go on dates with Boyfie, go to work, meet my friends and most shoe shopping...missing my sexy heels...

p.s. The nurse and Customer Service at Tropicana Medical Centre, Kota Damansara are showing their negligence on a certain matter. Totally peeved me out and added to my morning stress of having to deal with such trivial matter but with big consequences. My question to them is that how come with the many number of staff you have stationed at that counter on the first floor, you could have neglected my request which I made 10 days ago. Your physio department had no issues and everything is a breeze whenever I come over to attend the physio sessions. Please buck up! Don't add to your patient's stress in having to deal with such matters. Is bad enough that they have to go through the pain and effort to get well.

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