Thursday, 15 December 2011

What's up, Karipap???

I just want to take this opportunity to voice my concern over the programmes being aired in TLC and other channels under ASTRO these days. Mainly it relates to how much food-related programmes are being aired these days. All I see on TV are shows on food, food and more food. Yeah, I like food just as much as the other person but have we lost interests in culture, beauty and other wonders of the world? Yes, food is part and parcel of life and is also one of the elements that one must try in getting to know the country they opted to visit. But what about other things? Art? Culture? History? Architecture? Nature? Adventure? What about staying active and loving life? Tips on places to visit and things to do when visiting extraordinary places? Not everything has to be about food!!! Malaysia's obesity rate is increasing and airing more food programmes is not helping. Yeah, it does give suggestions on cooking your own home-cooked and healthier meals etc. But what it does is that it makes people think about nothing else BUT food.

Yeah, you can easily say that if I don't like it, why won't I just switch channels or switch off the TV totally? Well, for one thing, switching channels is not an option. Other channels are also airing food-related programmes. Switch off the TV? Yeah, I've done that too...but at times, we normal people do need some TV time. (By the way, I do read books etc too...just in case people want to take the opportunity to tembak me there...sheesshh).

So please...bring some art, culture, and beautiful landscapes and travelogues to the TV. Keep a balance between food related programmes and those programmes to inspire to get out of their comfort zones.I hope my appeal does not fall onto deaf ears... :(

Beautiful Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Gyeonggi-do, Korea
My dream to one day visit the original and first flagship store in Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Paris, meeting  Monsieur L. himself and him customising the most perfect pair of red shoes for moi'!!! (at a special i.e. you're my chum-chummy, so I'm giving you kasih sayang price...hahaha)
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The original CL flagship store...
Shopping is a girl's fave thing to do in a foreign country...FASHION or a taste of it is lovely...Pic displays H&M Spring 2011 Collection...cute!!! My kryptonite are shoessss!!!

Malay wood's a sad thing that not much effort are shown to preserve our soon-to-be extinct arts

Rama-Sinta Javanese dance

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