Thursday, 1 December 2011

Astaghfirullah...PRP_Treatment Round 1

Honestly, I did not expect so much pain. Felt like stones or steel being injected into my ankle. Now, I think I can have a sense of what Wolverine went through when the adamantium was injected into his body...hahah...

Home now. Resting downstairs, in front of the TV. Tadi nak gi toilet, kena ngengsot naik atas. Teringat dek Arwah Nenek I.

Four more rounds of treatment to go....


  1. Dear Jannah, curious bout your injury I wiki bout ligaments near the ankle

    Form my untrained eyes, I see 6 and you managed to tear 5 of them. One more and you can score 100% hahahahha. Office is quiet now with everyone on leave. Rest well, and kalo boleh cuti panjang panjang cutilaa panjang panjang...i quite certain that your beloved workplace bagi 6 months paid leave for medical...heheheh

  2. Take care..4 rounds lagi?
    Ya Allah! Kesiannya you.
    I dah suh Seth go straight home and check on you after classes..we must always lookout for each other..I told Seth gi gym another day.
    Thank you so much jugak ke Feezal.
    Take it easy k..:)

  3. Thanks Mamasita and Dan,

    Dan...I kalau boleh avoid, tak nak MC lama2. Besides, I rindu jugak office. Funny huh?